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Bridgwater and West Somerset GMC September 2017

Friday, 22 September 2017Leave a reply
Tony Heywood elected as CLP Treasurer

At this weeks General Management Committee  meeting for Bridgwater and West Somerset Labour Party the following decisions were made.

Tony Heywood (nominated by Bridgwater Branch) was elected unanimously as the CLP Treasurer following the resignation of Hadrian Speight

Future of Unity House   It was agreed that the premises ctte should make an application   to the Labour Party for a financial settlement resulting in the sale of Unity House and that in the light of that should investigate and cost all options from having a permanent base in Bridgwater to having an office, storage space, a café/bookshop, meeting space or just to continue meeting wherever as needed It was further agreed to take up the offer to meet on the ground floor of Unity House free of charge until such a time as we eventually lost the place. Branches and other party bodies could also consider this option. Continue reading “Bridgwater and West Somerset GMC September 2017”

THIS IS WHAT I THINK: Multilateral or Unilateral disarmament- a stark choice humankind must make now by John Hubble

Thursday, 14 September 20173 Replies

Nuclear weapons exist.  Their existence is a challenge to every one on the planet.

Nuclear weapons are designed to cause mass-destruction  They are indiscriminate destroyers of life both human and animal ;  of buildings, bridges, reservoirs and other human constructions ;  of forests and vegetation and the interwoven parts of the earth’s biosphere upon which life on this planet depends.

What happens when a nuclear weapon is detonated ?

A nuclear detonation releases energy causing

first ; –          a searingly hot, blindingly white flash and temperatures as within the sun (vaporising exposed humans and animals, incineration of all that can burn) ;

second ; – a rolling blast wave which destroys all in its path (buildings, bridges, power plants and lines) ;

third ; –         immediate damage by irradiation to the DNA and RNA of living cells ;

fourth ; –       a complex deposit of radio-active isotopes spread into the atmosphere to be distributed by the winds world-wide as they fall back to earth over the next days/months/years randomly interfering with cellular reproduction worldwide.  Continue reading “THIS IS WHAT I THINK: Multilateral or Unilateral disarmament- a stark choice humankind must make now by John Hubble”

Labour Social : Friday 17th November 7.30pm

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142 on at the Admirals Landing 17 November

The fundraising team are putting on a social to let our very active branch do a bit of socialising.  It will be held at Admiral’s Landing, The Docks, Bridgwater, TA6 3EX on Friday 17th November.  Doors open at 7.30pm-11pm.  A fantastic Vocal Harmony Duo called ‘142’ will be performing and there will be a bar. Check out 142 here.   A raffle is planned with donations being received for this beforehand.

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Bridgwater Canvassers Descend on Weston

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On Friday, our newly-active team of canvassers in the branch had Persuasion Training and then had a chance the very next day to go on an Away Day, hastily organised by the Branch Secretary, Gary Tucker.  A by-election had been called for August 31st in North Worle, Weston and so along with members from Weston, Yeovil and Bristol, they went to help persuade voters to vote Labour.

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Labour Writers Group Takes Shape

Wednesday, 23 August 20172 Replies
Press and Publicity Officer Smedley taking his military rank too literally…..

Dear Members of the WRITING GROUP and….in fact….anyone who isn’t a member but might like to be, or has even a vague interest in the subject….There will be an informal social meeting at the BRIDGWATER ARTS CENTRE (bar) on THURSDAY 31st August at 8pm. Please drop in so we can all meet up and discuss what we can, should, ought, might like to do to promote Labour in Somerset through our creative writing skills.In fact ANYONE is welcome.

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Bridgwater Branch Activities August-September 2017

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Gary getting ready for the campaigning ahead….

A Message from Gary Tucker (Branch Secretary)

Dear member

I don’t know about you but I am quite well-rested after my many holidays and am ready to do some incredible things for our growing social movement!  There’s a lot of activities which lie ahead so I thought I’d give you some dates for your diary.

THIS IS WHAT I THINK: “How do you solve a problem like Hinkley?” by Anthony Lipmann

Friday, 18 August 20173 Replies

It’s a subject Bridgwater Labour is reluctant to talk about – because it’s so divisive. But should any big subject, affecting the lives of so many, be left off the table entirely?

The subject is Hinkley Point C.

It is not hard to see how this elephant in the room could divide opinion. On the one hand you have , on the doorstep, the largest infrastructure  project in the UK, a massive driver of jobs. On the other – it’s the nuclear industry; and, for some, that is enough on its own to be anti.

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Branch Secretary reports on Corbyn Meeting

Friday, 11 August 20171 Reply
Bridgwater Branch Secretary Gary Tucker

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn continued his tour of the new marginals this week by touring the South West.  Bridgwater Branch Secretary Gary Tucker was able to get a last-minute ticket and attend what was a packed-out rally in Filton and Bradley Stoke.  He said,

There was an air of positivity about the place and a real hunger from activists to get started in taking this vulnerable seat. The sitting Tory MP is hated there and they brought his majority down to about 4000.  This is a seat we have to win at the next election whenever that will be.”

Corbyn gave an inspiring speech about a range of issues from Education to Brexit, from Health to the economy.  He said that the minority government propped up by 10 DUP MPs was a weak one and that the Labour MPs would continue to put the pressure on Theresa May.  He suggested she might like to take a walk and have an epiphany moment, dissolve this parliament and make way for a Labour Government.  This was met with huge applause. Continue reading “Branch Secretary reports on Corbyn Meeting”

Summer Plans for Labour Members

Wednesday, 9 August 20171 Reply

Summertime is normally a quiet period for Labour members but with our large growth in membership and increase in activism we are writing now to update some key things that are going on.


On Wednesday 9th August the Bridgwater Branch will be holding a campaign meeting at the VICTORIA COMMUNITY CENTRE TA67AS  from 7.30. Branch Secretary Gary Tucker says “It is a chance for us to plan and discuss campaigning, events and fund raising so come armed with your ideas and prepare to help us find ways forward to win this seat in the next general election (whenever that will be!).I’ve heard that a few new members will be coming along so it’ll be good to show them how active and positive we really are as a social movement so let’s get everyone out for this very important event.”


Unity House in Bridgwater’s Dampiet street. Labour HQ since the 1920’s

Members will also be concerned that we are not meeting at UNITY HOUSE and might have heard rumours as to what is going on there. The truth is that the situation is changing quickly with news of the imminent loss of the building, which has been on the cards for some time so we knew we were on borrowed time. The CLP Executive met on 7th August and took the decision to suspend meetings in Unity House on instruction from Labour Party Properties who are in control of the building and seeking its sale. However, this is a fast changing situation and news could come at any time about what could happen next. Branches are being urged to ask members their ideas for future premises and treasurers are being asked to develop budget projections to balance campaigning, premises, elections and general running expenses before any decisions are made,

To follow the history of Unity House and current developments click here.


Former treasurer Hadrian with Branch secretary Gary Tucker

Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP is in need of a TREASURER following the resignation of Hadrian Speight and so branches are being asked to consult members to see if anyone would like the job.

Branches can nominate and a decision will be taken at the GMC of 4th October.


Cllr Chelsea Chadwick

There is a vacancy for a councillor on North Petherton Town Council. Local members have selected CHELSEA CHADWICK as their candidate and will be calling for help in running a campaign during the next few weeks