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Bridgwater Branch Secretary Gary Tucker

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn continued his tour of the new marginals this week by touring the South West.  Bridgwater Branch Secretary Gary Tucker was able to get a last-minute ticket and attend what was a packed-out rally in Filton and Bradley Stoke.  He said,

There was an air of positivity about the place and a real hunger from activists to get started in taking this vulnerable seat. The sitting Tory MP is hated there and they brought his majority down to about 4000.  This is a seat we have to win at the next election whenever that will be.”

Corbyn gave an inspiring speech about a range of issues from Education to Brexit, from Health to the economy.  He said that the minority government propped up by 10 DUP MPs was a weak one and that the Labour MPs would continue to put the pressure on Theresa May.  He suggested she might like to take a walk and have an epiphany moment, dissolve this parliament and make way for a Labour Government.  This was met with huge applause.

Continuous campaigning

Continuously campaigning in Bridgwater

He went on to warn that continuous campaigning is not just about canvassing on doorsteps but about talking to people everywhere- in pubs, in the streets, in workplaces and to educate people about the damage the Tories are doing to our society and to highlight that there is an alternative to austerity.

The idea of educating people came up in this Wednesday’s Campaign Meeting in which priorities were set, action groups established and a programme of events were planned for by members.

Campaign Planning Meeting

A campaign planning meeting is planned for Tuesday 29th August at 7.30pm at Admirals Landing in Bridgwater so be sure to come along to that as we work in conjunction with the Trade Unions to have an even bigger presence educating people about politics.

From the priorities members chose, the Branch Secretary has planned policy discussions for the Branch Meetings leading up to April AGM.  If you would like to present any of these then please get in touch at

Sep- Motions/ Branch Decisions

Oct- Housing

Nov- TBC

Dec- Social

Jan- Health and Social Care

Feb- TBC

Mar- Pensions Justice

Apr- AGM


A writing group has been established to produce quality materials which will be used for continuous campaigning as well as for elections.  Another positive step is that they will be working to produce quality online content to boost our social media and website presence.


A fundraising group has been set up to fund all these wonderful innovations so please support this.

Corbyn’s Call

Corbyn in Filton

Corbyn emphasised this morning that we should be in community areas talking to people, being visible and educating the public that there is another way.  A social group also formed to set up events which will be held in different areas of the constituency.  Members will be able to carry this out now on a regular basis.

Branch Secretary Gary Tucker concluded with this,

“Jeremy Corbyn is right.  We can win.  We can win marginals but we can win Bridgwater and West Somerset but only if members become active and get involved.  I urge each member to recruit another new member between now and Christmas: be it someone in their family, a friend or a colleague in the workplace or Trade Union.  It is laughable that the Tories are trying to establish a grassroots movement but don’t under-estimate them!  Let’s win this seat!”

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  1. den carter

    Thank you for that Gary – great to have that report and to read the inspirational messages in it! You are right, we can do this, but we have to work hard, reach out and consolidate the opportunities we have – like a great leader and a government in meltdown…..Good luck with all your efforts and I’d love to get to something down there soon, be great to see you again and swap notes. Go Somerset!



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