Labour Writers Group Takes Shape

Wednesday, 23 August 20172 Replies
Press and Publicity Officer Smedley taking his military rank too literally…..

Dear Members of the WRITING GROUP and….in fact….anyone who isn’t a member but might like to be, or has even a vague interest in the subject….There will be an informal social meeting at the BRIDGWATER ARTS CENTRE (bar) on THURSDAY 31st August at 8pm. Please drop in so we can all meet up and discuss what we can, should, ought, might like to do to promote Labour in Somerset through our creative writing skills.In fact ANYONE is welcome.

The device immediately at our fingertips is the SOMERSET LABOUR WEB.   We need people to write articles for this.Ideally on topical news issues – nationally or locally or stuff in support of a campaign we are doing -nationally or locally. This simply involves you sending me an article.

I then put it on the web site (adding photos, subs, headings etc). I then circulate it through my role as press officer to almost 1,000 emails,including all local and national press.

Usually they pick up on it – certainly locally they do I then tweet the link through various accounts

and so on

Some books what people have written

and of course use the other accounts to retweet the posts. Other Labour members also do this  (although not too many seem to have them) . I then post them on various facebook pages.

Another crucial role is to monitor social media and to respond to posts where we can gain some political mileage out of a posting.

some public some closed….

This can sometimes be simply cutting and pasting relevant URLs or generally making comments

Also useful is to submit photos or graphics with your articles.

Feature Writing

We’d like to look at other features which can promote Labour through our writing – for instance here is a new series called THIS IS WHAT I THINK with the opening article by Anthony Lippman – maybe YOU could write the next one??

I’m happy to co-ordinate this WRITERS GROUP project in my role as press and publicity officer, but these are just my suggestions , so let’s get a meeting together so we can make sure everyone is involved and maybe there’s other ways we can approach this.

In solidarity

Brian Smedley

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  1. Gary Ticker

    I will contact the writing group later about their role in the continuous campaigning ahead. What Brian is suggesting here is for the online aspect. The writing group initially formed to produce quality materials for our ongoing political activity . I will send updates later. Let me know if you wish to join this group so you don’t miss out.

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