Christos Zaranis

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I believe that government should represent the voice of the people, both at local and national level. We should all be able to rest assured that our interests are considered above all else, regardless of who we are. I believe that to do this we need to have the right people representing us. Our people, people that care about the town and want to make a difference.
Yeovil became my home when I was eight years old, and in the time since, I have had the privilege to experience life here from many different angles. I have seen some incredible acts of kindness that really demonstrate people’s sense of community.

If elected, as your Labour Councillor I would want to make sure that your Council is doing all it can to support and encourage community projects and that Yeovil is not only fully represented at County Council level but that we drive Council policy on housing, social care, health and education to make sure it works for everyone. As I look around Yeovil today, I see a town that is full of potential, and I believe that by working together we can build strong communities that can achieve that potential.

I believe we can show what can be done when ordinary people work together. With your support, as your Labour Councillor I would want to make sure that no one is ignored or forgotten, and that all our voices are being heard.