Dan Marks


I have lived in Yeovil all of my life with the exception of one year that I at the University of South Wales. While at USW, I gained a degree in Public Services which gave me a great grounding in understanding the role of all levels of councils, the public services they provide and the problems and challenges that they face. Most importantly it gave me an understanding of governance at both a local and national level.

I am currently working as a Cover Supervisor at a Yeovil secondary school/academy, having previously been employed for a number of years at a local supermarket throughout my education. Furthermore, between 2014 and 2015 I was a Parish Councillor for the Brimsmore ward of Yeovil Without Parish Council. My local interests involve supporting YTFC, being involved with local sport and supporting and enjoying a number of high quality, local, food and drink businesses.

If elected, my priorities would be:

  • To give more and better funding to education services through a number of schemes – The area faces a problem with dealing with the demand for school places and unless more primary and secondary schools are created or the current ones are not given increased funding to develop to meet demand then the provision of education in the area will be of reduced quality. Therefore, I would back moves by the county council to increase funding along with coming up with other educational ideas that would improve the lives of children in the area.
  • To ensure that elderly care provision will be ready to meet the demand it will face in the upcoming years – I believe that current elderly care provision is currently lacking in quantity and quantity and is also unaffordable for many families. I will campaign for non-partisan cooperation between all members of the council to ensure that elderly care needs are met and that we do not let anyone go without the care they need to live a dignified life in their late years.