Moira Brown

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Moira Brown is Town and District Councillor for Bridgwater Eastover

She lives in Bridgwater, and is married with three sons. She has worked in education for most of her career. Most recently she has been a university lecturer. She still continues to work on a part time basis.

Moira puts her strong Labour roots down to her upbringing in Scotland. ‘When I was growing up in Glasgow, everyone was a Labour supporter. There was a strong sense of community and the Labour Party seemed to best represent us and who we were. My view has not changed. The Labour Party is the party of working people, their lives and their aspirations.’

Moira says, ‘I look forward to the challenge and rewards of representing Eastover. There has been much talk of regeneration and increased resources, but, how will these be delivered and managed? Can we really rely on the Tories in Sedgemoor to have the interests of Eastover at heart? One has only got to see the traffic congestion, rampant house building and lack of leisure facilities for young people and families to see the neglect that Bridgwater as a whole is subject to. Eastover needs a representative who will work for the people who live there, not in spite of them, or against them.’