Somerton and Frome

100px-SomertonFrome2007Constituency.svgThe Somerton and Frome constituency, which has had a Lib Dem MP since 1997, is largely based on Tory-controlled Mendip district, but with elements of Lib Dem-held South Somerset.

The population heart of the constituency is the town of Frome, which regularly sent Labour MPs to Parliament in the 1920s and 30s, including Bridgwater Trade Unionist Walt Farthing in 1945.

Somerton and Frome Team Labour. David Oakensen centre
Somerton and Frome Team Labour. David Oakensen centre

Labour currently has no representation within the Somerton & Frome constituency apart from Chris Inchley, who represents Shepton on the Town Council which is part of Wells CLP.

In 2010 Lib Dem David Heath retained his seat in a close-fought battle with the Tories and went on to become a minister in the Tory-Lib Dem coalition. The Labour vote was inevitably squeezed to get this result. However in 2015 the Tories retook the seat and the current MP is David Warburton

The Labour Parliamentary candidate for 2015 for Somerton & Frome was David Oakensen.