Dunster: Tory Hold

Friday, 3 May 2013

Tony Bowden (Lib Dem) 215

Stephen Fitzgerald (UKIP) 687

Nicky Gibbard (Green) 195

Christine Lawrence (Con) 978

Andy Lewis (Lab) 343

Minehead: UKIP gain

Friday, 3 May 2013

Lesley Culverhouse (Lab) 265

Andrew Hadley (Ind) 448

Marcus Kravis (Lib Dem) 645

Brenda Maitland Walker (Con) 608

Terry Venner (UKIP) 785

Taunton East: Lib Dem Hold

Friday, 3 May 2013
  • Dorothy Baker (UKIP) 496
  • Simon Coles (Liberal      Democrat) 743
  • Martin Jevon (Labour and      Co-operative) 285
  • Clare Marsden (Green) 106
  • Aaron Miller (Conservative)      326

On Thursday vote Labour for Somerset’s sake.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Labour manifesto launch
The Battle for County Hall. Only Somerset Labour are fighting the Tories in all 55 seats on May 2nd.

The campaigning frenzy is almost over. After probably Somerset Labour’s biggest, most ambitious, most co-ordinated election effort in its history, all there’s left is to man the polling stations, adopt the brace position and wait for the results to roll in.

Somerset last shuffled to the polls in 2009, before the cuts, before the Coalition and before the country had been hit with the full force of the recessionary tidal wave. The result four years ago, tragically, offered a taste of what was soon to follow at national level – the Tories were unmuzzled after 16 years away from County Hall, and quickly set about taking out their political frustration on Somerset’s most vulnerable.

When the Coalition arrived, things got worse – together, the Tories and the Lib Dems sawed through local government funding from Westminster, giving Conservative-held County Hall the green light for a budget-chopping frenzy. Over a thousand council jobs were lost, the road repair budget was halved, bus subsidies were slashed and almost half the county’s recycling centres were closed. Somerset was the only county in the country to lose its entire arts budget.

Tories are playing politics with Somerset’s safety

In Labour leaning Bridgwater   Barbara O Connor and her colleagues aim to unseat several top Tories
In Labour-leaning Bridgwater it’s Barbara O Connor and her colleagues who aim to unseat several top County Tories.

The figures alone are horrifying. County Tories want even deeper cuts in the years to come – £26m in 2014/2015, and £24m in 2015/2016. With £7.69 million due to go from the Commissioning of Care, the elderly and the disabled, Somerset’s most vulnerable, are being callously thrown in the line of fire. And with £600,000 set to be lost from the Highways, and a terrifying £5.5 million from the Fire Service budget, the Tories are playing politics with Somerset’s safety. Continue reading “On Thursday vote Labour for Somerset’s sake.”

Bridgwater South-A straight Labour v Tory choice

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

vote leighLeigh Redman says:- When you vote on Thursday 2nd May don’t get caught up in the spin. A Labour vote is the only way to get your voice heard.

‘Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my first leaflet, I have had a tremendous amount of feedback from members of the community that have realised the time is right for a local voice that will represent them on Somerset County Council, I will continue to listen.’

‘Enough is enough, you have an opportunity to ensure your voice is heard, our community is important and is overlooked to often!’

‘We have a great area with local people working to make it better for you, Browne’s pond, Hamp Community association, pedestrianisation of West Quay, our town center development these are all examples of the way local people are working for the good of our area, I will continue to support & fight for initiatives that will help you.’ Continue reading “Bridgwater South-A straight Labour v Tory choice”