Bridgwater Town Council Forward Plan 2019-20

kath and brian
Kathy Pearce & Brian Smedley

Bridgwater Town Council will operate a Forward Plan overseen by Leader Brian Smedley and Deputy Leader Kathy Pearce (above) as outlined below

PFH Policy
Civic Ø  Work closely with Police to improve response times and increase presence in the community
Community Ø  Make the most of the opportunities from the tidal barrier. £100m project with £1.3billion knock-on economic benefits.  We need to ensure that benefits cascade to local towns and people.

Ø  Continue to lobby for opportunities to improve navigation on the River Parrett and encourage the use of our waterways for leisure without detriment to the wildlife.

Ø  Work with others to enhance our local green spaces and parks

Ø  Continue to promote the Meads Eco Park as a place of quiet enjoyment, whilst

Ø  Work towards Transition Town status

Ø  Continue to work with local councils and businesses to reduce throwaway single use plastics

Ø  Encourage local organisations to sign up the Re-Fill initiative to discourage the purchase of bottled water and use tap water instead.

Ø  Support increased recycling and 3 weekly refuse collection

Ø  Working with the Somerset Waste Partnership to provide adequate storage of refuse and recycling waste which will help to reduce litter on our streets

Ø  Encourage the use of green and spaces for a healthy community and team events, such as Sport, Park runs and Buggy walks.

Ø  Promote our natural assets such as the Coastal footpath and the River Parrett for tourism and leisure.

Ø  Bid for grants and fundraising, to support the creative activities across the District.

Ø  Celebrate our culture by strengthening Arts Centres, theatres and cultural venues in Sedgemoor, and such activities as Carnival, Performing Arts, Festivals, Film and Music.

Ø  Promote walking and cycling in the town to improve health and wellbeing as well as putting Bridgwater ‘on the map’ for touring cyclists and walkers.

Ø  Provide the use of open spaces for community events such as fairs, markets and festivals

Economy Ø  Employment Jobs are important to everybody, but they need to be meaningful and well paid ,reverse the low wage economy by

Ø  Negotiating Local labour force agreements

Ø  Encouraging employers who offer well trained and well-paid work

Ø  Providing good quality apprenticeships for all

Ø  Campaigning for a public transport policy that connects people with work

Ø  Opposing zero-hour contracts

Ø  Work with Towns and Councils to create a network of digital Tourism marketing

Ø  Build Council houses

Ø  Avoid overdevelopment by building smaller estates that meet the needs of the community and concentrating on brownfield development

Ø  Challenge the upsurge of ‘Houses in multiple occupation’ which causes major local issues with parking

Ø  Bring back empty properties into use

Ø  Address the shortage of single bedroom properties by building more including modular homes

Ø  Encourage small local businesses throughout Sedgemoor’s market towns and regenerate our High streets

Property Ø  Our towns are increasing in size and with that comes the need for better amenities, leisure facilities and a safe environment.

Ø  Maximise use of CIL funding to benefit town.

Transport Ø  This country needs a proper public transport system.

Ø  Campaign for Somerset CC to re-establish a County Transport Forum to enable LAs, transport operators & service users to develop integrated public transport plans for their areas,

Ø  Press for Highbridge and Bridgwater stations to be developed as community assets, with improved access, extended ticket office opening hours, bus and taxi links, provision of refreshment and other facilities, and signage to town centre and other locations provided

Ø  Continue to lobby government and Cross Country for XC trains to stop at Bridgwater

Ø  Encourage pedestrianisation of town centre areas

Ø  Explore opportunities for regulation of bus fares and services via franchising or municipal ownership

Ø  Develop a planned and integrated system of cycle paths across the County, with local planning input

Ø  Carry out safety and access audits of town centre areas on a regular basis

Youth Ø  Prioritise youth and community funding and restore services to an appropriate level for the needs of the community

Ø  Champion young people’s rights by expanding youth services to engage and support young people

Climate Change Ø  Protecting the wildlife habitats; respecting our environment and harnessing its power to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels

Ø  working with others to enhance the bio-diversity and wildlife habitat.

Ø  Bridgwater Town Council has already agreed to oppose fracking in the area.  We will continue to put pressure on other councils to do the same.

Ø  Promote green energy providers and encourage our councils, local organisations and businesses to sign up with ‘green’ energy providers.

Ø  Investigate opportunities to harness the power of our tidal rivers to create energy.

Ø  Encourage grassroots community projects that aim to increase self-sufficiency and reduce the potential effects of climate change and economic instability.

BTC’s 5 identified priorities for co-operation with Sedgemoor District Council 2019-20 are

Priority Update
Environment To maximise participation in the global campaign to meet the challenge of climate change (LG)
Town Centre Focus on realisation of Northgate Leisure facility, Green space and Shopping options , Penel Orlieu +Celebration Mile (ML)
Hinkley Point   Work with SDC to maintain mitigation packages and identify and pursue a key legacy project (LR)
Waterways Ensure maximum navigational delivery for waterways and upgrade to docks and bascule bridge (KP)
Culture Safeguard and develop the Bridgwater Art Centre for future generations (BS)

Forward Plan Monitor 2019-20

  Monthly Targets Key BTC meetings Actions
May 2019 Establish Council structures. Committees, outside bodies established,

Mayor Making

9 May

24 May



June 2019 Forward plan agreed +5 Priorities identified

Town Hall -review of future works and costs

6 June




July 2019 Co-operation with Sedgemoor meeting Review top 5 SDC/BTC priorities

Docks Gala Saturday 2 July

Twinning Conference 19 July

Quayside Festival 20 July





August 2019 BTC Tree policy +Community Centres core funding

Simon Bawler ‘Disc system’ presentation & establishment of Police Liaison Group



Sept 2019 Seed the Day ‘Green Festival’ 7 Sept

Bridgwater Fair 25-29 Sep



Oct 2019 Bridgwater Together 12 Oct

Madeira Twinning 3-6 Oct

Single use plastics policy

Bridgwater Arts Centre Resolution

Cemeteries SLA review

24 Oct BS





Nov 2019 Launch of 2020 Tourism Brochure

Carnival, Fireworks, Snowflakes & Shopping, Christmas tree & lights  

Bridgwater History Day 23 Nov

Staff Review


Finance 12/11





Dec 2019 Carnival Project decision

Bridgwater Docks Lease & Tidal Barrier TWA

Outline Budget Core funding, Ward Grants, & Precept Budget options circulated 

Mayoralty Review

Town Hall-front of House review

5 Dec LR





Jan 2020 Budget 19-20 16 Jan BS
Feb 2020 Review Executive & Portfolios   BS
March 2020 Bridgwater Cup

Cemeteries Rules & regs

Deputy Mayor 20-21

5 March TH



April 2020 Annual Town Meeting (23 April)

Youth awards (24 April)

Mayors Memory Walk (26 April)




May 2020 Annual Council Meeting (21 May) & Mayor Making (22 May)   BS