West Bridgwater

Bridgwater County divisions

Bridgwater West has 2 county wards Bridgwater South and Bridgwater West. It consists of the historic town centre, the Taunton road developments including the Hamp estate, the Newtown area and Town Docks , the 1960’s West Street council developments and the modern Co-op estate and larger private homes in Durleigh

South ward which is Labour and represented by Leigh Redman and West Ward which is Tory.

Bridgwater West has 4 District wards Hamp, Westover, Victoria and Wyndham

There are 5 Labour District Councillors  -2 in Hamp (Leigh Redman and Liz Leavy) 2 in Westover (Kath Pearce and Brian Smedley) and 1 in Victoria (Julie Cordiner) Tories have 2 in Wyndham and 1 in Victoria

There are 4 Town Wards in Bridgwater west -Hamp, Westover, Victoria and Wyndham.

There are 7 Labour Town Councillors. 2 in Hamp are Liz Leavy and Leigh Redman, 3 in Westover are Kath Pearce, Brian Smedley and Li Gibson and 2 in Victoria-Mick Lerry and Julie Cordiner. The Tories hold the 2 Wyndham town seats

Results in recent years in West Bridgwater

Labour representatives on West Bridgwater: