Bridgwater and West Somerset Branch AGMs

Friday, 16 March 20182 Replies
branch officers
Branch officers for 2018

Both Bridgwater and West Somerset Branches of the Labour Party have now held their Annual General Meetings and there’s a lot of new faces at the top table, reflecting the upsurge in membership and activism across the constituency. The AGM of the Constituency will be held in Bridgwater on Wednesday 16th May when delegates will elect CLP officers and the Conference delegate.

In Bridgwater the Branch officers are;-

Chair: Glen Burrows
Secretary: Gary Tucker
Membership  Sec: Mick Lerry  
Treasurer: Margaret Layton
Vice Chair: Julie Cordiner + Linda Hyde
Press & Publicity: Brian Smedley
TU Liaison: Glenn Cane
Auditors: J Taylor & A Glassford
GMC Exec Ctte : Karen Heywood & Leigh Redman
All of the above are delegates to the GMC as well as: K Pearce, T Roth, M Duggan,  L Gibson,A Borman,L Leavy,A Moore,L Tucker,T Heywood, S Trent, I Hubble,J Hubble,J Taylor
Town Labour Group Observers:- Liam Tucker, Mick Duggan
District Labour Group Observers:-Sadie Trent, Karen Haywood

In West Somerset the line up is;-

Chair: Maureen Smith
Secretary: Kathrine See
Vice chair Membership: Andy Mountford  
Treasurer: Paul Meagher
Vice Chair: Pete Murphy
Equalities Officer: Paul Booker
Women’s Officer: Lucy Naylor
Fund raising Lead: John Thwaites
Minutes Secretary: Bridget O’Brien
All of the above are delegates to the GMC as well as: Jill Walmsley, Andy Lewis, John Bryant, Susan Calvo and Phil Rattray and Tim Woods
Nominations to GMC Bridgwater West Somerset
Chair Gary Tucker
Sec Brian Smedley
Treasurer Tony Heywood
Vice Chair membership Mick Lerry
Vice Chair x
Press Brian Smedley
Women’s Chelsea Chadwick
Equalities Diogo Rodrigues
Youth Gemma Shanahan
TULO Glen Burrows
Exec 1 Karen Haywood X
Exec 2 Leigh Redman X
Conference Chelsea Chadwick

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  1. Jeff Cox

    Good evening. I tried to send this email to Maureen Smith at but I received a bounce-back. My email is com. I’d much appreciate a reply. I’m so sorry for your loss

    Dear Maureen,
    I am an old BBC Newsroom colleague of Andy, now living in Porlock. I saw in today’s Free Press the terrible news of Andy’s death.
    In the BBC Newsroom, he was always respected as a thoughtful, dedicated and principled journalist, qualities that he clearly brought to his life here in West Somerset, and the many causes that he devoted himself to.
    I have informed Andy’s former colleagues still working in the BBC newsroom of his death, and they, like me, are keen to know to whom they could write and to know of the funeral arrangements. In particular, they asked after his children; I’m ashamed to say I don’t know how old they are now, nor their circumstances.
    I’m sorry to approach you with this, but yours was the one contact email that I found after a quick online search. Please do pass this on to whoever may be best able to help me.
    My commiserations to you and the local party on the loss of such a lovely man.
    Yours sincerely
    Jeff Cox

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