Calling all (potential) Councillors

Thursday, 11 January 20181 Reply
Town Leader Smedley and District Group Leader Lerry at the last election count.

At last night’s Branch Meeting, Town Council Leader Brian Smedley talked about the need for people to put themselves forward as Labour Candidates for future elections and made the (enclosed) film.

County Elections were held in 2017 and are not scheduled again until 2021. There MIGHT of course be by-elections.

District Elections were scheduled for 2019-which is now next year. Labour lost seats in 2015 due to the rise of UKIP splitting the vote-even in Bridgwater. We need to regain those seats and to take Sedgemoor we need to build campaigns and nurture candidates in the outlying wards. There could of course also be by-elections.

Town & Parish elections are scheduled for 2019. Labour controls Bridgwater by a large majority and we need to hold on to that. As the Local Authority closest to the people it represents we need active councillors who can attend meetings and fully represent their communities. We also have a Forum system which Labour members are encouraged to attend as community delegates -Transport, Town Development, Youth, Twinning, Culture, Tourism etc.

Contact Brian for more information and how you can get involved.

General Election – could happen at any time – and we need to be ready considering we have regained our historic second place and whilst we aren’t considered a target seat nationally it;s important that we fight a strong campaign to bolster our local government base.

What Does it take to get a Labour Councillor elected.

All candidates have to be approved by interview involving local ward members. It’s best for candidates to live in the wards they represent. All councillors should be accountable to the Branch and should attend and be open to questioning.

Brian Smedley said “To win an election there are 3 elements. 1 Party Loyalty – many people will loyally vote for whoever wears the red rosette. But that’s not enough. 2. Extraneous factors influence not only swing voters but also some loyalists – what’s in the news, what’s happening Nationally etc and 3. the personality of the candidate -whether they are a popular local figure already, whether they have become known for their workload and community activism or..the reverse. All these factors combine to predict and achieve the final result”

Have a look at our film then decide if the jobs for you…

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  1. Jacek Golab

    I would like to know , when is the next meeting in Bridgwater Labour Party Branch.

    Best Regards

    Jacek Golab

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