North Petherton By-Election Plans

Thursday, 31 August 2017Leave a reply

Chelsea Chadwick is the Labour Candidate for the North Petherton Town Council by-election, to take place on Thursday September 14th 2017.This will be an important election to continually build the Labour vote for the future and for Chelsea to be elected.

 North Petherton By-Election Campaign

Stockmoor and Wilstock have now been canvassed and leafleted. If you could help with the last push of the campaign, that would really be helpful to make sure that our Labour Candidate, Chelsea Chadwick, gets elected on September 14th 2017.

Leafleting North Petherton on:

Monday 4th September from 6-00pm until 8-00pm.

Tuesday 5th September from 2-00p until 4-00pm.

Wednesday 6th September from 4-00pm until 6-00pm.

Meeting point North Petherton Community Centre

If you wish to pick up leaflets to deliver in your own time, please contact Mick Lerry.


If members in North Petherton would like to collect leaflets to deliver, could they please contact Mick Lerry.

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