Social Media, Comradely Behaviour and Complaints Procedure

Wednesday, 28 March 20182 Replies
“Calm down, calm ,down calm down”

It’s a funny old world when comrades fighting together for the same ends should end up squabbling in public and especially on this awful ‘social media’ that they have these days. This week it’s been quite bad all things considered. So the  Combined CLP & Bridgwater Branch Execs met today and drew up a Code of Conduct and a Complaints Procedure.

For the Labour Party Policy on Social Media click here.

Now if that’s not clear enough – ie PLEASE treat each other with respect and debate in a comradely fashion we have clarified the role of the 3 Facebook Sites we administer. Please understand and observe this.

Bridgwater & West Somerset Labour Party Campaigners

This was a closed group simply for posting organisational matters about meetings, events etc. All other postings were to be removed. Admins were B Smedley, T Heywood, L Redman, G Tucker, C Chadwick, D Rodrigues L Costello (Bridgwater) K See (Minehead)

Somerset Labour Members

This was a closed page and accessible to anyone invited to join from across the county. This was the place for internal party discussion. Moderators would only flag up uncomradely behaviour and remove anything offensive. Admins included B Smedley, L Redman, G Tucker,C Chadwick (Bridgwater) J Thoroughgood (Taunton) C Smith (Wells)

Somerset Labour News

This was the public facing site of the Party across Somerset and the intention was solely to post press releases from the Somerset Labour website. Admins were advised to closely monitor content and remove where offensive, to prioritise homegrown press releases and to remove offensive or divisive posts. Admins were B Smedley, L Redman, G Tucker (Bridgwater)

The Complaints Procedure (Provisional

i)The first stage of any complaint should be ‘Informal’ whereby the complainant discusses the concerns with the person directly and endeavours to get a mutually agreed response-whether an apology, retraction or understanding without taking the matter further.

ii)If this informal stage is rejected then the Complainant should refer the case to the Branch Secretary who will then convene a 3 person ‘Grievances Panel’ drawn from the Branch Executive. The complaint should be made in writing and the person involved invited to meet the panel in person with the option of bringing a second person along. The complaint would be investigated and the Panel would make a majority recommendation. If this was rejected then the complainant had a right of appeal to the CLP.

iii)Stage 3 of the Complaint should go via the CLP Secretary who would repeat the procedure above but with different Panel members drawn from the CLP Exec. If this outcome was rejected the matter would be referred to Regional Office for a final decision.

Please note ;-Blocking on Facebook was not an issue that would warrant a complaint.

2 comments on “Social Media, Comradely Behaviour and Complaints Procedure

  1. George Macpherson

    It didn’t show me the ‘shop-front’ question the first time.
    In my previous message I said I liked the way you name the adjudicators – otherwise it would feel ‘Soviet’.

  2. George Macpherson

    I wrote a congratulatory email for your action but the website wiped it. Saying I didn’t answer the robot question. I did and am annoyed. This website is, for me, unfriendly!

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