Alex Glassford


Alex was born in Scotland and has lived in Bridgwater for nearly 30 years , the last 18 of them on the Clarks estate. He worked for the Health service for 10 years in management and as a general manager at Paragon laundry in Bridgwater for 14 years. Alex has also been engaged in voluntary work as a school bus driver for mentally handicapped children . He was Treasurer of the Railway club for 6 years and ran his own business for the past 5. He has been the chairman of the GWRSA (Exeter area) for the past 8 years.

Alex is  Town Councillor for the Fairfax East ward and a District Councillor for Fairfac.

He is currently the Town’s Deputy Mayor.

Alex sits on the Planning and Licensing committees on Sedgemoor.

Alex says “Because I’ve been in Bridgwater for so long I’d like to contribute something back into the community and to help people out where I can . I’m a passionate believer in Public Services and I’m appalled when I see the Tories cutting back on everything. “