Amit Shah


After working and living in Kenya for over 25 years, Amit returned to the UK with his family to settle back in Cheddar where his wife grew up.  Working in agriculture, and having experienced the best and worst of Africa, Amit was shocked to see how England was rapidly becoming a place for the few and not the many through the rapid erosion of all of our public services, social services and infrastructure under the current government.

Amit strongly supports the campaign to reverse the devastating cuts across our public services in general, and the growing need to give our future generations a vision of hope and opportunity in the future for themselves and our rural communities.

Amit is involved in the Labour Party as the Secretary of the North West Somerset Branch, as well as taking an active role in key environmental issues such as the phasing out of plastics, and the need to develop renewable energy and investment in recycling.

If elected, Amit will campaign for better funding of the core services needed to protect our community, including public transport, schools and local health and mental health services, as he believes these are core services needed for the long term wellbeing of our community.

Amit Shah

Candidate for BERROW