Chelsea Chadwick

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Chelsea Chadwick is a young mother who lives locally with her husband and their two children, after moving down from County Durham.

Chelsea says “I am putting myself forward as a candidate as I cannot sit back and allow the devastating cuts of the local Tories. As a young woman and a mother, I have felt these cuts and the damage they have inflicted on my everyday life. People living in the rural communities around Huntspill  have been let down by the Tory-led government. They have failed to tackle the rising cost of household energy, water and transport as well as failing to protect rural bus services or keep the roll out of broadband on track.” 

Chelsea says “I have been a Labour supporter for as long as I can remember – having grown up in an ex-mining village, I know the full extent of how Tory neglect can ruin the livelihoods of thousands of hard working people. Since I was of voting age, I have used my vote for good and to help those around me.