Diogo Rodrigues

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Diogo Rodrigues is the Labour councillor for the Town ward of Dunwear North.
25 years old , born on the Portuguese island of Madeira, brought up in London. Worked in the restaurant industry in Southend and as an English teacher in an orphanage in Cambodia before settling in Bridgwater.
He went to school in Southend and went on to gain qualifications in Tourism Management and Access to Teaching and gained a lot of experience working in his parents’ restaurant.
Moved to Bridgwater after having fallen in love with the area after visiting it so many times.
A member of the Labour Party for four years . Diogo says “ I believe that it is the only party which stands up for hard-working people who want a fairer society in which everyone has a decent chance to prosper.”

Diogo is the Labour candidate for the BRIDGWATER EAST & BAWDRIP WARD FOR THE 2017 County Council elections