Graham McLelland


ABOUT ME:  I was born in South Africa and grew up in the home counties.  I have studied Engineering and Environmental Sciences and I have worked at The Met. Office, The Environment Agency and in Emergency Planning at East Sussex County Council.  16 years ago I renovated a farm in rural France which I now run as a  Holiday Cottage.  I am currently the MD of Treehouse Buildings, a Timber Construction Business based in Cheddar, where I live with my wife and daughter.  I’ve chaired the PTA at Fairlands Middle School and have recently completed a building project for the Girl Guides in Wedmore.

INSPIRATION:  I am an Environmentalist, Socialist and believe in fair-play and honesty.  I am inspired by David Attenborough, Jeremy Corbyn and Pat Smith (an amazing Cornish lady who picks up rubbish off the beach every day).

LOCAL ISSUES:  I strongly support Local Neighbourhood Planning for decisions on housing, traffic and infrastructure – with adequate doctors, education, employment, recreation and transport – with safe routes to schools, parking and good access.


Declare war on litter, single use plastic, waste and dog mess

Encourage sustainable investment in our communities

Improve road, pedestrian and cycle safety

Re-think affordable housing

Make Somerset visitor friendly and develop a strong cultural identity

Graham McLelland

Candidate for MARK & WEDMORE