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Hello, I’m Greg from Somerton, who grew up here and was away for 20 years, but moved back about 5 years ago. The best things I have ever done! I currently work as a junior doctor in Dorchester, where I am finishing in September and plan to move to Yeovil Hospital.

I live between Somerton and Langport, as I have been in the private rental market my whole life, so really understand the issues – Landlords are basically unaccountable due to the lack of alternatives, and any increases in costs (such as heating) can be passed on to the tenant. The Landlord has no incentive to make a house heat or fuel efficient, as they are not paying the bills. If the tenant does it, they are adding value to their Landlord’s property.

Housing is the biggest issue in the whole country, and Labour should be committed to finding a long-term solution to this. Healthcare is also a major issue, as Somerset struggles to attract healthcare professionals, combined with massive increases in house prices. Transport is expensive and infrequent, perhaps innovative thinking, such as making the school buses more like public buses might help. Rural communities need local government to focus on truly delivering the services that give them some life – for example I was Chair of Friends of Somerton Library, which managed to save it from savage cuts.

Greg Chambers