Jane Carter-Uren

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I moved to Yeovil in 2001 and to East Coker in 2013.  I have worked in the Care Industry for 8 years, working with Children with severe Autism, the elderly, people with Dementia and other health conditions.  In 2012 my disabilities prevented me from doing care work and I have been retraining to become a Bookkeeper.  I run a couple of support groups in Yeovil as a volunteer, providing activities for them and talks.

I am standing for County Council for Coker district as I see the problems in our society that have been caused by the current government.

Being out of the centre of Yeovil many people find it difficult with the bus system.  There are no buses at weekends, which mean people without cars are stuck, sometimes with no access to a local shop as many of these are closing in villages.  Taxis into Yeovil charge extortionate prices to come out of Yeovil and we have no Taxis locally.  It also cuts off the villages from local employment and education.

The NHS is in crisis.  It desperately needs an influx of funds and in no way should be privatised.  This country prides itself on having free health care. We need to make sure the connections between all professionals involved in an individual’s care, to make sure stays in hospital are as short as possible.  The Mental Health services also need help in Yeovil.  There is no connection between Summerlands and Yeovil District Hospital for people who have both Physical and Mental Health and there is a big link between the two.

We need to support small independent businesses, supporting set up and bringing them into Yeovil and surrounding areas.  This keeps the money in our locality.  Money needs to be put back into the farming industry to regenerate a culture we used to rely on.  We need to look at new industries into the area to pick up the skills that we have from industries we are losing, like GKN, so these skilled workers don’t end up in jobs in which their skills are not maximised.

We need to stop the government making benefits cuts to the disabled.  This is bordering on discrimination.  People who are quite obviously disabled are made to prove their disability and because of government targets, assessors are pressurised.