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I have lived in a South Somerset village since 1996, firstly running a small engineering company and more recently retired.  I studied physics and astronomy at university, but after worked as an engineer for various organisations.  I was in the scientific civil service for ten years, studying and mitigating environmental pollution, before moving to a BAe Systems factory where I worked on factory automation, systems engineering and project management.  This included five years as chief engineer and administrator of a joint venture company in Paris.  These days I restore old cars as a hobby.

I am standing for the county council on behalf of the Labour party because I have become most concerned about the threats to the lives and livelihood of the people of Somerset posed by the very right wing Tory government and their LD fellow-travellers. We live in a time of great change, and it is vital that the benefits of technology are shared and not hogged by the selfish few.  The local infrastructure should be improved so we can all travel easily, avoid pollution and have secure employment and affordable housing.  Responsible local and national government for the people, by the people must replace the regimes of the exploiters, here and everywhere.