Jon Falkingham


Jon Falkingham is Labour candidate for the Unitary elections on May 5th 2022 for NORTH PETHERTON and the Bridgwater Town Council candidate for DUNWEAR SOUTH.

Jon Falkingham & his family have been residents of Somerset for 13 years, since they relocated from East Anglia. He currently lives in Wilstock and works for a local manufacturing firm. His career highlight was working for a specialist in inclusive & para-cycling. He has a strong and defiant sense of justice and fairness from his mother, who was raised in a Yorkshire mining town, and witnessed first-hand the harsh effects of the mine closures.

Jon says, “As a resident of Somerset with a passion for the environment and humane communities, we need to avoid the mistakes of the past. Somerset needs planning that is inspiring, accessible, and green. Solutions need to be regenerative, development sustainable and investment should be designed for the long term. Bridgwater and North Petherton are urbanising and merging, but we mustn’t forget about our farms and green spacesWe need to build a future where everyone can thrive.

Unitary candidate NORTH PETHERTON

Bridgwater Town Council candidate DUNWEAR SOUTH