Michael Sawdon-Smith

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Michael is the   CLP Secretary for Wells CLP

07975575194 wellsclpsec@gmail.com

This is his team

*Chair Clare Smith wellsclpchair@gmail.com
• Vice-Chair (Membership) John Fones  wellsclpmembership@gmail.com
• Vice-Chair (Campaigns) Jacky Carter wellsclpcampaigns@gmail.com
• Secretary Michael Sawdon-Smith 07975575194 wellsclpsec@gmail.com
• Treasurer Tatiana Storie
• Women’s Officer Michele Powell wellsclpwomens@gmail.com
• Youth and Student Officer Tulki Jenkins wellsclpyouth@gmail.com
• IT Officer Chris Langley wellsclpit@gmail.com
• Press Officer Ian Fraser wellsclppress@gmail.com
• Political Education officer Sarah Thelwall wellsclppolitical@gmail.com
• BAME officer Melinda Manickam wellclpbame@gmail.com
• Trade Union Liaison Officer Richard Capps wellsclptulo@gmail.com
Rural Affairs Officer Gregory Paul Turner wellsclprural@gmail.com