Michael Yianni

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I was born in London and now live in Templecombe. I’m married to Debra and have three children and four grand children.

I worked at the Camberwell College of Arts for over 35 years where I was the manager of the Conservation of Arts Resource Centre. Mike has a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Analysis and Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

I’m standing as a Labour candidate because I passionately believe in social justice.

I believe that the quality of our lives and our communities should be the measure of our economic success.

Mike says, you do not cut council services and expect to improve and strengthen our communities. You do not cut council services without hurting the most vulnerable You do not cut council services without hurting the local economy.

I grew up in a world when we expected tomorrow to be better than today. I grew up in a world where we aspired to make it better for future generations, by providing services to meet the needs, of our children, the sick, the vulnerable and our senior citizen, building a caring compassionate society.  This aspiration is under attack by the Tories as never before.

On May 4 you can elect a Labour council that like Mike has this aspiration for the people of Somerset at the heart of every action that it takes. Thank you