Bridgwater North & Central

Dave Loveridge winning the Bridgwater North & Central Seat for Labour

Bridgwater North and Central is the County Council ward which covers Sydenham and Eastover. The County Councillor for some 20 years is Labour’s Dave Loveridge

The ward covers  the 2 East Bridgwater wards Dunwear North and Fairfax West  plus the town ward of Eastover

Bridgwater North & Central results for 2017

Eastover is a Labour controlled ward representing it on Town and District and also on County.

In 2019 the District Councillors for Eastover are LI GIBSON and TONY HEYWOOD.

Eastover candidates

The Town councillors are GLEN BURROWS and TONY HEYWOOD

Fairfax ward covers North Sydenham and Bower and is represented by 2 Labour councillors on both Town and District . Graham Granter and Alec Glassford are both Town  and District Reps.

Fairfax District ccouncillorsin 2019 are HILARY BRUCE, ALEX GLASSFORD and GRAHAM GRANTER

Fairfax West Town councillor is GRAHAM GRANTER

Fairfax East Town councillors are now both Tory because although DIOGO RODRIGUES was elected as Labour he went independent after a month and then went Conservative.


Bridgwater North & Central County Division.

The  next Somerset County council elections will be May 2021. The Labour candidate will be DAVE LOVERIDGE

Bridgwater North & Central

Dunwear ward covers South Sydenham and Bridge Estate and is represented on  Town and District by   Labour ..

Dunwear District councillors in 2019 are ALEXIA BARTLETT and …you guessed it…turncoat clowncillor DIOGO RODRIGUES who was elected as Labour, then went independent after a month and then Tory 6 months later.

Dunwear North Town councillor is DAVE LOVERIDGE

Dunwear South Town is represented by a Tory

Labour representatives in Bridgwater North & Central: