Bridgwater West

Bridgwater West
Bridgwater West

Bridgwater West is a County Ward currently represented by the Conservatives. In recent years Labour won the seat as the 2 Town and District wards are frequently evenly balanced between the 2 main parties.

At District level it combines 2 wards – Wyndham and Victoria.

Ward stats here.

Bridgwater Victoria has always been a Labour ward , sometimes unopposed, and is currently represented   on both Town and District Councils but one of the District seats was lost to the Tories in 2015 probably due to the UKIP intervention in the ward

Councillors after   the 2019 election are MICK LERRY (town) and JULIE CORDINER (on both Town and District)

Bridgwater Wyndham , which consists of the Durleigh end of the town is currently represented by 2 Conservatives at  District level. However, when the Tories forgot to stand in 2015 Labour grabbed a Town Council seat (Liz Leavy) and the Lib Dems grabbed the other—mind you, they remembered to stand in 2019 and retook the Town seats as well….

Candidates for 2022

Tim Mander & Mick Lerry (Bridgwater West)

Bridgwater West

Mick Lerry & Tim Mander


Mick Lerry & Liz Marsh


Meg Boucher & Elaine di Campo


Labour representatives in Bridgwater West: