The Wells constituency stretches from the foothills of the Mendips, including Glastonbury and Street, across the vale of Avalon to Burnham, Highbridge and the Somerset coast. Traditionally a strong Tory area, it fell to the Lib Dems at the 2010 election – only to see the Lib Dems form a coalition with the Tories….In 2015 it went Tory and in 2017 stayed that way. The Labour candidate for the 2019 election is Kama McKenzie. To find more about Kama click here.

The traditional Labour heartland of the constituency is Highbridge, which returned Labour councillors for most of the last century and at the last election saw independents elected in bitter infighting amongst the Lib Dems. In 2015 it reverted to 2 Tory and even 1 UKIP but in 2019 it went 2x lib and 1 con..

The West part of the constituency is the Northern half of Sedgemoor District Council whilst the Eastern fringes form part of Mendip District and include the old shoe making town of Street and the alternative hub that is Glastonbury.

The town of Shepton Mallet is also an old Labour bastion which has seen a revival in recent years.

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To find the North West Somerset Labour manifesto click here.

Mendip District Council

  • Labour has no members on Mendip Council since we lost the Shepton West seat in 2015.

Town and Parish

  • Ashwick – Roger Anderson
  • Shepton Mallet -Town Council members here.  Chris Inchley and Deborah Towner
  • Wells – Colin Price St Cuthbert ward

In 2010, at the tail-end of the Labour government, Lib Dem Tessa Munt took the seat in a close battle with the Tories, while Labour were squeezed to 3rd place. In 2015 voters kicked her out and replaced her with Tory James Heappey. In 2017 she failed to get re-elected but Labour candidate Andy Merryfield substantially increased the Labour vote here.

Constituency contacts


Chair: John Fones wellsclpchair@gmail.com
Secretary: Gill Pettitt wellsclpsec@gmail.com
Treasurer: Tatiana Storie wellsclptreasurer@gmail.com
Vice-Chair (Campaigns): Jacky Carter wellsclpcampaigns@gmail.com
Vice-Chair (Membership): Geri Laithwaite wellsclpmembership@gmail.com
Vice-Chair (Policy): Ant Butler wellsclppolicy@gmail.com
Women’s Officer Carol Stanaway wellsclpwomen@gmail.com
Trades Union Liaison Officer (TULO): Richard Capps wellsclptulo@gmail.com
Rural Affairs Officer: G. Paul Turner wellsclprural@gmail.com
Press Officers: Kate Pearce & Gareth Lowe wellsclppress@gmail.com
Political Education Officer: Sheila Martin wellsclppolitical@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor: Gareth Lowe wellsclpnewsletter@gmail.com
LGBTQI Officer: Lou Hart wellsclplgbt@gmail.com
Fundraising Officer: Den Carter wellsclpfundraising@gmail.com
Disabilities Officer: Emma Jane King wellsclpdisability@gmail.com


Glastonbury & Street BLP – Branch Labour Party Officers
Chair: Kama McKenzie glastonburystreetlabour@gmail.com
Secretary 1: Vanessa Corby gandsblpsecretary@gmail.com
Secretary 2:
Treasurer: Peta Baird
Vice-Chair : Ian Fraser
Membership Secretary: Emma Jane King
Women’s Officer Vanessa Corby
Education Lead Emma Jane King
Disabilities Lead Flint Read


NW Somerset BLP – Branch Labour Party Officers
Chair: Julia Timothy chair@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
Secretary: Amit Shah secretary@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
(blue addresses now active.)
Treasurer: Bernie Grant treasurer@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
Vice-Chair : Richard Capps vicechair@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
(Acting) Membership Secretary: Amit Shah memsec@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
Women’s Officer Jean Buckler women@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
Campaign Coordinator: Steve Vincent campaigns@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk
(Acting) Press Officer: Kate Pearce press@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk


Shepton Mallet BLP – Branch Labour Party Officers
Chair: Kevin Russell
Secretary: Janet Ladyman
Treasurer: G. Paul Turner
Vice-Chair : Ant Butler
Membership Secretary: G. Paul Turner
Women’s Officer Cath Booth
Councillor: Cllr. Chris Inchley – Town Cncl
Councillor: Cllr. Deborah Towner – Town Cncl


Wells BLP – Branch Labour Party Officers
Chair: Den Carter
Secretary: Eileen Webb
Treasurer: Jenny Williams
Vice-Chair :
Membership Secretary: Sarah Hill
Women’s Officer Den Carter
Campaign Coordinator: Jacky Carter
Councillor: Cllr. Colin Price – Town Council