Yeovil Labour

The Yeovil constituency also includes the South Somerset towns of Chard, Crewkerne and Ilminster and has been Liberal-dominated since the so called ‘Ashdown factor’ convinced people that they had to vote yellow to keep the Tories out in the 1980s. With both parties in coalition from 2010-2015 and David Laws MP one of the key movers, they suddenly seemed less attractive and Laws lost his seat, the current MP being the Tory Marcus Fysh.

The Labour candidate in the 2019 election was  Terry Ledlie. To read more about Terry click here.

The great Liberal Con of South Somerset has been a key factor in keeping Labour out in recent years. Up until the 1970s, Labour were always in second place to the Tories and within striking distance of victory, notably in 1945 when the parties were neck-and-neck.

The Lib Dem collapse means that next time round Labour are the only viable alternative to stop the Tories rolling back the years.

Yeovil CLP

Yeovil CLP
Executive Officers
Chair – Terry Ledlie
Vice-Chair –  Ian Greenfield
Women’s Officer – Rebecca Haselgrove
Secretary – Olivia Darling-Finan
Treasurer – Jane Carten-Uren
Vice-Chair (Membership) – Vacant
Functional Officers
 Campaign Coordinator – Gary Swain
Fundraising Officer –  Jane Carten-Uren
Political Education Officer – Bill Byrd
Youth Officer – James Bamford

Contact CLP secretary

Terry Ledlie represents Abbey Manor South on Yeovil Town Council

Olivia Darling Finan represents Brympton Parish Council & College ward on Yeovil Town Council

Ian Mackillop represents Ilminster Parish Council

Terry Ledlie 01935 587850

Please see below the link to the FB page for Abbey Manor South in Yeovil.