Sedgemoor Labour Manifesto 2019

lab target
Labour target – Bridgwater House

Vote for change on Thursday May 2nd

People have the chance on Thursday May 2nd to vote the Tories out of Sedgemoor …and the only way to do this is by voting Labour

  • Labour will campaign for skilled and well paid job opportunities for local people
  • Labour will ensure that our community benefits from the Hinkley C project
  • Labour will continue to promote low carbon and renewable energy development.
  • Labour will encourage new employers to pay at least the living wage and above
  • Labour will campaign for long term secure tenancies for all .
  • Labour will continue to build more houses to rent
  • Labour will regenerate our town centres
  • Labour will campaign for a comprehensive development of Northgate site for Leisure and Recreation
  • Labour will respect the heritage of our towns
  • Labour will encourage retail by being more flexible with rents, innovation and diversity
  • Labour will enhance our green spaces
  • Labour will expand sporting,leisure and arts facilities
  • Labour will repeal the bedroom tax
  • Labour will campaign against the 3 week refuse collection
  • Labour will argue the case for a meaningful Somerset-wide public transport forum
  • Labour will campaign to build the Parrett surge barrage.
  • Labour will ensure that our council makes the right decisions for local people.

Vote for a change on May 2nd

Gary Tucker – Labour Chairman in Bridgwater Constituency

On Thursday May 2nd everyone will have 2 ballot papers. That’s 2 different ways to get rid of the Tories.Only a Labour vote can do this.

*Labour are the only serious opposition party who can challenge Tory dominated Sedgemoor
*Labour representation at grassroots level on Town and Parish councils is crucial

The Lib Dem vote will plummet across the country as people punish them for breaking their promises and propping up a vicious tory government. Lib Dems have been almost completely wiped out across Sedgemoor

UKIP are more Tory than the Tories, a party made up of Tory people, promoting Tory policies, bankrolled by Tory donors.

The real fight is with the Conservatives who have long wanted to break up the Welfare state and continually undermine local democracy by running roughshod over the wishes of local people closing down popular leisure facilities with the sole solution of an unwanted superstore only to find 4 years down the line that Flagship Tesco has run aground. What a waste of time and money.

The transport system is in a mess, our heritage is being reduced to rubble by developers with inadequate legislation to stop them and shops remain empty in our High streets.

Sedgemoor Labour Leader Mick Lerry ‘”Tories have Wrong priorities”

Labour has the ideas and resolve to provide solutions – promoting social enterprise , encouraging start-up businesses, innovation and technology centres.

With our population increasing, especially with Hinkley C. we need more leisure facilities for these people. A big house building programme means that we need the facilities and amenities to support it.

Vote Labour on Thursday May 2nd

The Austerity programme of the Coalition is producing a financial recovery for the few and not the many and we need to get it working for the many The Labour Party works for everybody, people will be better off in secure jobs, we’ll have an NHS we can count on and only then can our country be a fairer place where we can give young people some hope about their future.

Contact us;-
phone;- 07772402671
address;- Secretary Brian Smedley c/o Mary Stanley House, 10 Castle Street, Bridgwater TA63DB
Social networking;- Somerset Labour/Sedgemoor Labour on Facebook &Twitter