European Elections

Why the European Union is important

Co-operation has replaced competition

Thanks to the European Parliament we have workers’ rights, strong consumer guarantees and health and safety protection. We have access to the world’s largest single market. Companies invest in our area and create local jobs because we are in the EU and they can access more than 500 million consumers, as well as share research and development across Europe.

Whilst Tories ,UKIP and the even further right wing Brexit Party want to isolate Britain, staying  part of the EU means we better can tackle cross border crime, have a stronger voice on the world stage, can help tackle poverty and climate change, and protect our environment.

The business community backs Britain in Europe. The unions back Britain in Europe. They both know Britain is better off in Europe through investment, jobs and R&D. Our local firms benefit from cross-European collaboration, such as Bristol’s Airbus.

Our farming community benefits from the Common Agricultural Policy subsidy, and fields are harvested with migrant as well as local labour.

Our region has benefited from regeneration funding to help our economies cope with change.

British workers benefit from the opportunity to work in other parts of Europe, just as skilled people come to Britain for jobs, not benefit. Europe’s free movement of labour, capital and people is a strength for our communities and our jobs.

The European Union might not be perfect, and reform is needed. But Labour in Europe works for fairness, our rights, our jobs, our environment.

Every vote counts regardless of where you live as the six seats are distributed according to the share of the vote received by each Party across the region.

Labour wants an EU that stands up for fairness; an EU that levels the playing field against global companies that avoid tax and undercut other companies trying to invest in their workforce; an EU that tackles climate change and pollution; and an EU that protects and promotes consumer interests.

Hilariously many people voted ‘Leave’ because they wanted to ‘take back control’ and because Europe was ‘undemocratic’ . Quite the contrary, Britain is democratically represented in Europe and we’ve just had some more elections to prove it…even to the extend of electing a bunch of right wing idiots.

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