Pressure Mounts on Tory MPs to Condemn Dominic Cummings

DC Hedges. Where will he appear next??

Calls for the  resignation of Tory PM Boris Johnson’s top adviser Dominic Cummings are coming in thick and fast from all spectrums of the Political world. Labour Leader Keir Starmer has  called for an inquiry into what he calls ‘an insult to the sacrifices made by the British people’ and now 15 Tory MPs have said they want an investigation while some are also calling for his resignation. The spotlight has now turned on Bridgwater and West Somerset MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger, who , only last week, recently called for people to ‘use our brains’  and saying “From now on we must behave thoughtfully and intelligently. If a family from Birmingham believe it is ok to drive all the way down to Exmoor for a dose of day-tripping then they really haven’t got the message.” As Tory Inboxes bulge at the seams with anger at the hypocrisy and double standards, Mr Liddell-Graingers constituents are now writing to him for his views

Dylan Tippetts from Bridgwater wrote “Good afternoon Mr Liddell-Grainger, I am writing to you today to express my anger over the lack of action taken after it became clear Mr Cummings repeatedly broke social distancing rules. I know that you have been a champion of the stay at home message throughout this lockdown by sharing messages that our beauty spots are closed for business, speaking in parliament through a video link and voting remotely, including your vote to maintain our high British farming standards. I am asking you as one of your constituents to join the growing number of Conservative MPs to call for the resignition or sacking of Mr Cummings. Other advisors who have broken social distancing rules have been made to resign and I see Mr Cummings’ situation to be in no way different to theirs. I’m once again asking you, to do the right thing, and call for Mr Cummings to go.”

Insult to Hundreds of Thousands of People

Get Up Stand Up!!

Meanwhile Becky Fry of Dulverton wrote  “Dear Mr Liddell-Grainger, I am writing to you as one of your constituents to express my dismay at the actions of Dominic Cummings and the prime minister’s defence of him in yesterday’s briefing. I was speechless to hear the PM say Cummings “acted responsibly, legally and with integrity. The double standards of this is absolutely shocking especially given the tens of thousands of the public facing fines for breaking lockdown in similar ways.I find both Cummings’ actions and Johnson’s subsequent defence of him an insult to the hundreds of thousands of people who abided by your government’s instructions. In my own household my partner was unable to attend his own mothers funeral. I was also unable to attend my god mothers funeral – who died in a hospice without a member of her family present because they were also following restrictions. We’ve also missed out on birthday celebrations, social occasions and holidays. Thousands of people in your constituency alone will have made similar sacrifices.I assume you agree with me judging from your article of 31st March in Somerset Live when you rightly call second home owners planning to visit Somerset for the Easter break “unacceptable”. Therefore I await you to join MPs Steve Baker, Simon Hoare and over a dozen others to call for his instant dismissal”

Town Council Leader Brian Smedley  “Seems to me a case of ‘Do what we say not what we do”

Hypocrisy and Double standards

Leader of Bridgwater Town Council Brian Smedley commented “This really does look like a case of do what we say not what we do. Cummings and now Johnson have both ‘undermined the confidence in their own public health message at a time when people are calling for clarity at such a crucial time. This is now an opportunity for Mr Liddell-Grainger to tell the Prime Minister to rid himself of this adviser of hypocrisy and double standards and to start to send out a clear message which the people can trust.”

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