Tory vote collapses in Shepton Mallet as Labour take two Town council seats

Friday, 22 March 2013
Labour victors in the Shepton West By-Election Deborah Towner and John Gilham
Labour victors in the Shepton West By-Election Deborah Towner and John Gilham

A sensational Labour victory in the Shepton Mallet West By-election this week gives a boost to the Somerset County Campaign and shows that Labour are genuine contenders. Labour took 2 seats in the By-Election with the Tory vote dropping by 30% and Labour up by 25%. The Lib Dems didn’t even dare to stand.

Victorious Labour candidates were County veteran John Gilham and May candidate for the Mendip South division Deborah Towner winning  294 & 281 votes to the Tory candidates 240 & 231- a drop of 100 votes by the ruling group..

Result shows Labour can win in Somerset

Labour’s candidate for the County elections in May, Chris Inchley, said “Shepton Mallet Labour scored a great  victory in Shepton West on Thursday evening. This result proves that Labour can win in Somerset, it is clear Labour offers a very real alternative to the Conservative Liberal democrat failed government.” Continue reading “Tory vote collapses in Shepton Mallet as Labour take two Town council seats”

Bridgwater County Councillor attacks Budget “How long are we going to let this shambles continue!?”

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Dave Loveridge
“Bridgwater is crucial to Labour success in the County elections” Cllr Dave Loveridge,Bridgwater North and Central

Dave Loveridge,Town and District Councillor  and Somerset County Councillor for Bridgwater North and Central , watched today’s budget with a deep sense of anger ” Yet again George Osborne has let the wealthy off by yet again cutting front line services. This means that the unemployed – by his doing- will suffer along with the low waged and part time workers. How long are we going to let this shambles continue? If either of the ruling parties win again at County Hall this May we know they will just continue  cutting services to the extreme.  We need to vote them out on May 2nd  and that vote this time has to be Labour. “

Councillor Loveridge has been in the minority at County Hall since the 1980’s apart from a short period when a larger Labour Group held the balance of power and could influence the decisions. “This was at a time when a Labour Government was actively building up support services such as Sure Start  and genuinely helping working people and families. Today the Tories and the Lib Dems are in it together and it’s time for a change. Eight years ago we had all 4 Bridgwater county seats, This year we plan to re-take them. Bridgwater is key to Labour influence on County and the swing is back with us since we took 14 of the 16 Town seats 2 years back at the most recent elections. So we can do it!”

‘Millionaires laughing all the way to the bank’

Dave supported Shadow Chancellor Ed Ball’s summary of todays budget. Mr Balls said “The message of George Osborne’s Budget today was clear: growth down, unemployment up, borrowing up and millionaires laughing all the way to the bank. This was a more of the same Budget from a downgraded Chancellor.” Continue reading “Bridgwater County Councillor attacks Budget “How long are we going to let this shambles continue!?””

Billy Bragg asks Lib Dem MP to ‘remove his image’ in dispute over plans to abolish Agricultural Wages Boards

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Somerton and Frome Labour candidates join the picket outside Lib Dem MPs surgery
Somerton and Frome Labour candidates join the picket outside Lib Dem MPs surgery

Somerton and Frome Labour Party members who have been supporting farm workers in their campaign to save the Agricultural Wages Board have been given a boost this month as singer Billy Bragg weighs into the dispute calling for  Liberal Democrat farming minister David Heath to remove his image from his website.

Billy Bragg wrote “I am very dissapointed to find that you are driving through legislation that will undermine agricultural wages here in the south west. Plans to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board and replace it with the national Minimum Wage will take millions of pounds out of labourer’s pay packets and have a severe knock on effect for the rural economy. At a time when our high streets are suffering from an acute lack of demand, abolishing a board which has ensured that farm labourers take home a reasonable wage will not help address that problem.”

Singer Billy Bragg performing at the Tuition fees demo in Taunton
Singer Billy Bragg performing at the Tuition fees demo in Taunton


‘An ideological attack on workers ability to earn a fair wage’

The singer continued ” This is an ideological attack on workers ability to earn a fair wage and you should be ashamed to be putting through a policy that will only benefit large land owners such as Prince Charles. I notice that you feature a picture of me on your website. If you are not prepared to reconsider this legislation. I’m afraid I must ask you to remove my image.” Continue reading “Billy Bragg asks Lib Dem MP to ‘remove his image’ in dispute over plans to abolish Agricultural Wages Boards”


Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Leigh Redman
Leigh Redman-Labour candidate for Bridgwater South ‘Bridgwater and Somerset must benefit from the development’

With today’s announcement from the secretary of state granting the Development consent order (DCO) giving the green light to EDF allowing construction of Hinkley point C,Labour Town & District Councillor Leigh Redman, who is the Party’s candidate for the County seat of Bridgwater South, welcomed the news but with it outlined the work that now needs to be done.

Cllr Redman said “ It is important that Bridgwater residents are involved fully in all aspects. Life for Bridgwater is about to change with an influx of hundreds of workers. The construction traffic will be starting to increase on the already busy road network and firms will be looking for sites to house their operations for the construction project. The largest national infrastructure development this country has ever seen will start to ramp up on our door step. Now more than ever will the need for local representation be top of the agenda for any elected official to ensure that Bridgwater is kept at the top of any list for fair and reasonable mitigation. We need to monitor closely any increase in local rents, increases in traffic congestion and all aspects of this project to ensure that EDF honours its pledges!” Continue reading “HINKLEY ‘C’ GETS GREEN LIGHT:LABOUR CAMPAIGNERS CAUTIOUS WELCOME”

SOMERSET FLOOD SUMMIT: Labour claims “Key Issues not addressed”

Monday, 18 March 2013

Floods BridgwaterThe Somerset Flood Summit , which took place on Friday 15 March ostensibly to learn lessons from November and Decembers flooding incidents across the county, was organised by the five Somerset District Councils and Somerset County Council, and was hailed as a great success by the organisers. However, Labour councillors disagree and talk of missed opportunities .

The morning session, which included presentations from agencies and organisations involved in flood management such as the Environment Agency, Met Office, Somerset County Council, Somerset Internal Drainage Board, Wessex Water and the Country Land and Business Association, included a panel question time session where delegates could put their questions to the panel which included MPs Ian Liddell Grainger (Bridgwater/Con) and Tessa Munt (Wells/LibDem). Jeremy Browne (Taunton) was also present, but had to leave before the question session began.

‘Most of Bridgwater in Flood Plain 3’ warns Sedgemoor Labour Leader

Cllr Mick Lerry– Leader of Sedgemoor Labour Group asked whether or not Sedgemoor District Council could receive financial support to build the Parrett Barrage. Cllr Lerry told us “The answer from Liddell -Grainger was no and he said that the Environmental Agency should use its own money. Tessa Munt did not respond to the question. However, it is extremely important for this infrastructure project to go ahead if there is to be development on the flood plain, as most of Bridgwater is in flood plain 3″. Continue reading “SOMERSET FLOOD SUMMIT: Labour claims “Key Issues not addressed””

“Somerset Tories abysmal track record on public consultation” says Labour’s candidate for North Petherton

Monday, 18 March 2013
Oliver Barratt:-Labour candidate for North Petherton
Oliver Barratt:-Labour candidate for North Petherton

May’s County Council elections will land just over half-way through a widely-reviled Coalition government. After two years of slash-and-burn austerity, the Tories and Lib Dems are peaking in unpopularity, and, with destructive cut-backs from Tory-held County Hall hitting Somerset’s most vulnerable, Labour is gearing up for its most ambitious election campaign in a decade.

Somerset is all too often misconstrued as a uniformly Tory green and pleasant land. But time doesn’t stand still. In Conservative-held North Petherton ward, for example, recent social and economic change plus an appropriately young and dynamic Labour candidate mean there’s a real chance of the Blue seat going Red come election day, particularly as the seat now extends to the major new housing developments of Wilstock/Stockmoor which adjoin Bridgwater .

 ‘Bringing much needed youth to local politics’

Labour’s Oliver Barratt brings some much-needed youth to local politics. Oliver is 23, Bridgwater-born, and was educated at Haygrove, then Bridgwater College, going on to study law at university in Bristol. Despite his age, he knows the day-to-day economic realities of life in austerity-era Somerset, working as full-time manager of Proper Job, a DIY and hardware store on Eastover, Bridgwater. He also served with the Territorial Army. Continue reading ““Somerset Tories abysmal track record on public consultation” says Labour’s candidate for North Petherton”

Bedroom Tax ‘Fundamentally flawed’ says Shepton candidate

Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Chris Inchley
Chris Inchley “Bedroom tax will mean cuts in living standards or rent arrears”

The hapless Work and Pensions secretary IDS’ next great welfare reform, the Bedroom Tax, appears to be disarray today as he announced a partial U turn of his failed policy, Now foster parents and people who have service children will  be exempt. Chris Inchley, Labour candidate for Shepton Mallet says  “The real problem with the Bedroom Tax is that it is fundamentally flawed. It is based on a theory that people with lots of spare rooms in the socially rented sector are blocking properties for others who need homes and  that those with spare rooms should move into smaller properties.”

Chris believes that the reason why the Bedroom tax is flawed is because there are not enough smaller houses to fill those who have spare rooms and those in the private sector are more expensive then the larger socially rented homes and these houses are peoples homes. “So effectively this will mean a living standard cut or rent arrears. The amended proposals from the Government for the Bedroom Tax is not being applied to those people with disabled children, that’s almost half a million households that are home to a disabled person who are set to lose over £700. Tenants affected will face a 14% cut in housing benefit for the first “excess” bedroom and 25% where two or more bedrooms are “under-occupied”. The government, which estimates the average household affected will lose £14 a week, says the policy will save the exchequer £500m a year” Continue reading “Bedroom Tax ‘Fundamentally flawed’ says Shepton candidate”

Richard Hampson-Spearheading Labour’s efforts to re-take Bridgwater West

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Richard Hampson Labour candidate for Bridgwater West
Richard Hampson-Experienced Local Government officer seeking to oust Ann Bown in Bridgwater West

Somerset Labour is pulling out all the stops in 2013 and fielding its most impressive slate of candidates in recent memory. While some might be relatively new to elected politics, they can draw on decades of invaluable life experience to take the fight to the Tories across the county.

Local government veteran Richard Hampson is one such candidate of experience, spearheading Labour’s efforts to re-take Bridgwater West from Wembdon based sitting Conservative Ann Bown. Bridgwater West contains the traditional Labour ward of Victoria and the currently Tory ward of Wyndham but not long ago it was one of Labour’s four Bridgwater County seats. It is now a key marginal which Labour needs to win.

A father and grandfather, Richard was born in Bridgwater, went to Dr Morgan’s Grammar School (now Haygrove), and found his first job with the former Bridgwater Rural District Council.

‘A Long and Distinguished career’

It wasn’t long, though, before the local boy decided to fly the nest: “I served with the Councils in Taunton then Seaton in Devon before moving to the London Borough of Hillingdon, where, after various promotions, I became the head of a large department with 225 staff and a £5million budget”. But after a long and distinguished career, the Conservatives intervened: “When the Tories took control of Hillingdon huge savings were required, and I took voluntary retirement on the grounds of redundancy. I am proud that I achieved the savings required from my department without any compulsory redundancies”. Continue reading “Richard Hampson-Spearheading Labour’s efforts to re-take Bridgwater West”

Lib Dems in Freefall as Labour look to Gain in County Elections

Monday, 11 March 2013
Yeovil team
Yeovil Labour candidates- Back;-Sue Pitman (Yeovil West) Terry Lavin (Yeovil central) Bill Byrd (Chard South) Terry Ledlie (Yeovil South) Sharon Stafford (Yeovil East). -Front:- Graham Forsyth (Chard North) Dan Marks (Brympton) Joe Conway (Crewkerne) Martin Bailey (South Petherton) Murray Shepstone (Coker)


This week Nick Clegg said “The Lib Dems are a party of Government not protest and we should be judged on our record.” It looks like people are doing just that. As High-Profile candidates publicly quit the Party on stage at their Spring conference their disillusioned voters are looking elsewhere for an alternative.

In Yeovil the Labour Party believes it can be that alternative and is contesting every single seat in May 2nd’s Somerset County Council elections.

And where better than Yeovil to seal the lid firmly on the LibDem coffin of betrayal. It was in this constituency some 30 years ago that Paddy Ashdown re-launched the modern ‘grassroots’ Liberals with a message that ‘Labour will never get in here so vote for us and we might’. 30 years later Ashdown is a nervous fellow traveller in a Tory Government that is doing everything that Libdem voters fought against yet now with their official blessing and running their own party into the ground in the process. Continue reading “Lib Dems in Freefall as Labour look to Gain in County Elections”

“Tories and Lib Dems letting us all down.” says Bridgwater East Candidate

Friday, 8 March 2013
labour manifesto-18
East meets West;- Barbara O Connor & Richard Hampson-Labour candidates for East & West Bridgwater plan their campaigns

Labour’s Barbara O’Connor has spoken passionately about her motivation for standing in May’s County Council elections, and her fears about the grim future her young son’s generation could inherit from the Tories and their Lib Dem coalition partners.

Barbara, who’s standing in Bridgwater East and Bawdrip against County Tory Portfolio Holder David Hall, was born in Dublin, and spent her childhood in Ireland. Fourteen years ago she moved to Somerset, firstly living in Cossington where she got her first real taste of local politics as a parish councillor, before moving onto Bridgwater’s Bower Manor Estate where she currently lives. For twelve years she has worked as a civil servant in Taunton, and is a dedicated single mum, balancing a hectic work life with caring for her ten year-old son and, increasingly, politics.

“Bridgwater has great potential”

Barbara speaks fondly of her adopted home-town, and helping often-neglected Bridgwater weather rough economic waters would rank highly on her list of priorities if elected in May: “Bridgwater has great potential and I want to help shape the future of all our children. I want to bring local issues to the table at county-level, and fight for the things that matter to us – be it road maintenance and highways, leisure facilities, our children’s’ education or stopping the devastating cuts being made to the vital public services our families need, for now and for the future”. Continue reading ““Tories and Lib Dems letting us all down.” says Bridgwater East Candidate”