Wells Labour candidate on the key issues in the constituency

Chris Inchley Labour candidate for Wells.
Chris Inchley Labour candidate for Wells.

Wells Labour candidate Chris Inchley has been out and about spreading the Labour message in this crucial swing seat. We caught up with him out leafletting in the key Highbridge marginal where Labour hopes to gain, and asked him for his  views on the issues that he had found mattered most to the voters.

Towards a Living Wage

The Wells constituency suffers from a low wage economy with just under 4 out of 10 workers
earning less than the living wage.

We need to be much more active in schools developing the aspirations of young people and better
teaching of careers, with greater partnership working including work experience to create a greater
understanding of the needs of the local economy.

There must be a higher emphasis on quality of apprenticeships, they must be seen by both
employers and young people as important as higher education, government has to encourage
employers to invest in in work training, developing skills that can lead to greater productivity and
profitability leading to better wages.

In the last few years businesses have struggled to raise finance to invest in their businesses, I
want to see regional investment banks that can deliver finance to build businesses to create

Investment in Transport

Government has to do more with infrastructure, the lethargic pace of the roll out of super fast
broadband needs to be speeded up, especially into our rural communities. We need to invest in
our transport network, for too many communities public transport is poor and many depend on this
to access jobs and services

A package of training, investment and improvements in local infrastructure can deliver a more
prosperous economy.

Focus on Youth

Every young person deserves a great education that is focused on teaching and learning by fully
qualified teachers, in parts of this constituency too few young people go on to further education
and we must encourage more young people to access opportunities.

For those young people who don’t go to university they will get the training they need for skilled
jobs, via apprenticeships, technical qualifications at age 18, and new technical degrees.
Every young person should receive a job or training guaranteed after twelve months of being out of

In Somerset we need public services to allow young people to access jobs and activities that’s why
I campaigned to save the Saturday bus services in Shepton.

Young people need housing and Labour will increase the availability of decent homes and will also
set new rules for those renting privately.

Young people deserve good jobs, good housing and access to good leisure facilities

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