The £244,000 Tory – is he worth it?

"309th in line to the throne......Bridgwater & West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger"
“309th in line to the throne……Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger”

The Bridgwater and West Somerset MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger, has reacted defensively to the revelation that he received near a quarter of a million pounds in pay and expenses in 2012-13.

He claimed £178,875 in expenses on top of his salary of £65,738. Writing in today’s West Somerset Free Press, the MP claims his expenses are so high because of the size of his constituency. In his words: “I have to be seen in Watchet, Williton, Minehead, Dunster and all the way to Tarr Steps.”

 Described others as ‘Scroungers and Malingerers..’

However, travel is a relatively small part of the claim. Mr Liddell-Grainger claimed far more for his flat in London – £1,560 a month rent, plus gas, electricity and Council Tax bills. This from a man who recently described others as scroungers and malingerers.

His staff costs of £127,952 included more than £30,000 for his wife, Jill. Because, he says: “she is available at midnight and six in the morning.”

Labour’s Free Press Letter

Meanwhile, West Somerset Labour Party Secretary Andy Lewis has drawn on direct experience of dealing with the MP, in a letter published in today’s Free Press:


Your report that our Member of Parliament costs the nation nearly a quarter of a million pounds a year might make people wonder whether we are getting value for money.

As you point out, Mr Liddell-Grainger does not hold surgeries in West Somerset to find out what people are worried about. Instead, he relies on his postbag. But how efficiently is that being managed ?

In September 2012, I wrote to him to raise concerns about Widowed Parents Allowance. This is a benefit paid to bereaved families, which the government plans to scrap. I received the usual brief acknowledgement, promising a substantive reply later. Then, nothing. So I wrote again, in January 2013. And again in July 2013. And again last month. Still nothing.

I believe I am entitled to know my MPs position. Perhaps this is a one-off and other people receive better treatment. But anecdotal evidence suggests that I am not the only one to be ignored.

What do other readers think? At £244,613 – is he worth it?”


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Paula Gallagher
Paula Gallagher
10 years ago

Get rid of the sucker … And this is what I pay my taxes for !!! How dare he call others scroungers and malingerers. He needs to live in the real world and get out of his Ivory Tower. “she is available at midnight and six in the morning.” Yeah, so am I. I work nights in care, am “available” all the hours & minutes in between and don’t earn anything near £30,000. However, I live in the REAL world.

10 years ago

I spend all the spare cash I have trying to find a job .. can I claim back all the fuel I put in my car can I hell what makes him so special time for the fat cats to go ……………

10 years ago

What a complete joke. One of the biggest scrounger there is. Absolute waste of space. How many local jobs could of been created with this money. And claiming for council tax on a second property. Lowest of the low scumbag.

10 years ago

I wrote to him regarding a problem that I had with the Cica, he did reply and said he would be willing to ask questions in the house for me, but maybe I should wait for a little while to see how things progressed. This. I did. But when I decided I wanted the questions asked in the house, he failed to reply phone calls and emails. Tim king despite being a front bencher still held surgeries for his constituency!! This man does nothing for us as to be seen all over his constituency I’ve never seen him anywhere,

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