Bridgwater North & Central County Division consists of the district ward of Eastover plus the Town wards of Fairfax West and Dunwear North

Bridgwater North and Central is the County Council ward which covers Sydenham and Eastover. The County Council seats are both Labour.

The ward covers  the 2 East Bridgwater wards Dunwear North and Fairfax West  plus the town ward of Eastover

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Eastover is a Labour controlled ward representing it on Town  and also on County.

The  2022 Town councillors are JACQUI SOLOMON and TONY HEYWOOD

Fairfax West Town Councillor is IRENA HUBBLE

Bridgwater North & Central County Division.

The Somerset County Councillors are  LEIGH REDMAN and HILARY BRUCE

Dunwear North ward covers South Sydenham

Dunwear North Town Councillor is DAVE LOVERIDGE 

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