Labour’s Unitary Manifesto for Bridgwater

Bridgwater needs a strong voice on the new Somerset Unitary Council. That voice must be a Labour voice. Please vote for all 8 Labour candidates for Bridgwater and we will implement our ‘Unitary Manifesto for Bridgwater’.


The current planning system has failed local communities with an emphasis on delivering numbers of new build houses and commercial properties with no consideration as to the consequences on both the natural environment or the local population. The Conservatives have paid lip service to the Climate Emergency. Now is the time to act and elect a Labour Council to address these failures.

Our aims

  • All new build will have proper community infrastructure provided before homes are occupied
  • The adopted Local Plan policy of 30% affordable housing will be robustly applied to all new development.
  • Greenfield sites will be seen as the development of last resort to ensure brownfield sites are developed first


A good transport system is essential for productivity as well as maintaining health and well-being and reducing carbon emissions. The last decade has seen a huge decline in bus services in Somerset, especially at weekends and in the evenings. Cuts to bus services, increased fares and reduced concessions have led to a major reduction in use of buses.

Our aims-

  • Lobby government to provide the necessary funding to rebuild an integrated transport infrastructure including electric charging points.
  • Develop a sustainable, affordable, reliable and safe travel network, incorporating rail, buses, cycling, walking and park and ride facilities
  • Work with environmental and transport lobby groups to restore public confidence in our transport system and establish a county-wide Transport Forum


Kathy Pearce & Brian Smedley -Bridgwater South

A decent, secure, affordable home is essential for health and wellbeing, enabling children and adults of all ages to develop and enjoy life to their full potential. Too many families and people in Somerset are poorly housed in expensive accommodation and suffer from fuel poverty.

Our aims

  • Invest in the building of Council Houses, which are energy efficient at affordable rents and with secure tenancy agreements.
  • Work tirelessly to eliminate homelessness.
  • Support initiatives such as Tenancy loan scheme and the Landlords Accreditation Scheme which promotes good property standards and management practices in the private rented sector.


Tim Mander and Mick Lerry -Bridgwater West

Somerset’s workforce is among the lowest paid in the country. Housing, transport, food and energy costs are considerably higher in relation to local wages.

Our Aims

  • Investment for green industries, initiatives and the creation of new high- value job opportunities for local workers in Somerset making sure the workforce have the right skills and training they need to work and earn a decent living.
  • Develop a clear, sound economic development strategy for Somerset in partnership with Town and Parish councils, employers and colleges.
  • Support for small businesses, leisure, hospitality and tourism, and Town Centres to help build a fairer local economy.

Tackling the Climate Emergency

Labour takes the threat of the climate emergency seriously and this underpins all our policies.  Therefore, we would ensure that Somerset has a zero carbon Climate Emergency Strategy which is fit for purpose and which is included in all decision making, in particular:

Our Aims:

  • Invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures for existing buildings and new builds.
  • Introduce a Pesticide Free Policy on all Council owned land, increase tree planting and preserve peatland and wetland meadows.
  • Support the production of locally produced food, protecting the environment through regenerative farming practices and halt the sale of County Farms.

Championing our Children and Young People

The current Conservative led “dysfunctional” Somerset County Council and Government have seen our schools, education funding and essential services stripped away actively dismantling the support for our children, young people and families when they need it the most. Labour’s ‘Every Child Matters’ policy offers wrap-around support for children at schools and in the home that will restore and greatly improve the current education system and curriculum offering all of our children and young people a rounded education and support in properly funded schools.

Our Aims

  • Restore our early years services, with integrated family support available from birth. Bring back the Sure Start Centres that helped give our children a healthy start and offered support to parents and families
  • Ensure pastoral support is available in all of our schools, reinstate school nurses and family liaison officers who actually know our children and their families.
  • Re-establish the Somerset Youth Service and Young Carers Clubs to support our young people giving them the best opportunities in life.

Health and care services for quality of life

Somerset’s Public Health Service has demonstrated its true value during the Covid crisis period. Public health services are vital and require greater investment. Somerset’s social services are near crisis point. Sadly, too many service users and carers find the support is missing or inadequate when they need it.

Our aims

  • Support a fully integrated and funded health and care service for all adults in Somerset
  • Reintroduce respite care for families and individuals who, too often, are struggling to cope.
  • Ensure that the best possible quality of life is delivered by highly- trained, fairly-rewarded staff, equipped to serve the diverse health and care needs of our communities.

Vote LABOUR On May 5th

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Somerset Labour Manifesto here

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