Another Labour Winner as Tories slide to third

Clare Moody MEP has regained a South West Euro seat for Labour wiping out the Lib Dems and reducing the Tory hold on the region

South West England again has a Labour MEP. Clare Moody was elected with more than 200,000 votes across the region in an election that saw the Tories pushed into third place nationally and the Lib Dems virtually wiped out.

Labour beat Tories for the first time in 20 years in a European election, and it builds on a clear story of progress in key battleground seats in the local elections – confirmed by Lord Ashcroft’s poll. These results taken together show we can win the General Election if we take the right steps between now and next May.

In Bridgwater and West Somerset, Labour finished well ahead of the Lib Dems – showing that we are the only credible opposition to the Tories.We all know that people feel left out of the economy and ignored by our politics. The votes for UKIP are a reflection of that, and a reflection of the public’s dissatisfaction with the European Union, which does need to change to work for Britain.

Ed Miliband has been leading the argument for change

“The way we do that is with real answers to the deep problems in our economy. Ed Miliband has been leading the argument for change in our economy to make it work for working people and deal with the cost-of-living crisis”, says Cllr. Mick Lerry.

Mick and Mili
Ed Miliband in Moorland during the recent floods with Labour councillors Mick Lerry and Julian Taylor

David Cameron spent this campaign showing his weakness with UKIP and his backbenchers by talking about an EU referendum that he can’t even tell us which way he’ll vote in. Rather than tackling the problems in our economy the Tories look set to carry on banging on about Europe – we’ve already seen several Tory MPs calling for an electoral pact with UKIP and others calling for the Tories to shift their position on a referendum.

Labour’s priority is the cost of living crisis. Labour’s priority is tackling the cost of living crisis and the NHS, not a costly and damaging debate about leaving the European Union. Labour will give the British people a guarantee that no powers will be transferred to Brussels without an in/out referendum and that there are no proposals for a further transfer of powers to Brussels. But given the uncertainty about the future of eurozone integration, the British people know that although it’s unlikely, it remains possible. Therefore the next Labour government will legislate for a lock that guarantees that there cannot be any transfer of powers from Britain to the European Union without an in/out referendum.

Cllr. Mick Lerry said: “Labour wants to see change in Europe and we will work for reform of the European Union to make it work better for Britain. The Tories can’t be trusted on Europe as they are divided and damaging Britain’s interest, because David Cameron can’t tell us what he is negotiating for, he has no strategy for achieving change and can’t even tell us whether he will vote yes or no”.

Cllr. Mick Lerry said: “ I challenge Ian Liddell-Grainger MP to state quite clearly as to what will be the Tory strategy for change in Europe and as to whether or not the Tory Party will campaign for a Yes vote, if they achieve their objectives”.


May 26th 2014

Cllr. Mick Lerry – Leader of the Labour Group on Sedgemoor District Council

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset Constituency

Mobile: 07775 905080


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