Labour candidate backs schools in funding battle with government

“Somerset County Council must also accept responsibility for the lack of additional money” Cllr Mick Lerry

Labour’s candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset, Mick Lerry, is backing local head teachers who say their schools are being unfairly deprived of funds.

The heads of the four secondary schools in Bridgwater are campaigning for a fairer funding system – saying that schools in places such as Bristol and Exeter receive far more money per pupil than schools in Somerset.

Mick Lerry said: “The head teachers are right to campaign and lobby the government regarding the funding of education in Somerset, but Somerset County Council must also accept responsibility for the lack of additional money.

“In certain areas the responsible body for education will fund schools from the council budget as well. In the case of Somerset County Council, this does not happen. In fact the council refuses to set out a vision for Somerset schools. Careers education and guidance is almost non-existent, simply because schools cannot fund the intervention needed to help and support students.

Tory 10% Funding cuts

“All schools should have the same entitlement to funding based on the need to teach the national curriculum and to carry out extra-curricular activities. Proposals by the Tory party show that schools would have to prepare themselves for a 10% cut in funding, if Cameron gets back into power.

“The future of school funding is insecure and this was highlighted when private briefing notes being used at a Conservative Party press conference were photographed. The notes talked about the need for “difficult decisions” after the general election and advised the Conservative frontbenchers at the conference to dodge questions about education cuts if pressed by journalists”
Cllr Mick Lerry-Leader of the Labour Group on Sedgemoor District Council
Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset
Mobile: 07775905080

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