Mick Lerry, Labour candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset
Mick Lerry, Labour candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset

Bridgwater and West Somerset Labour Party has chosen a leading councillor, Mick Lerry, as its candidate for the General Election expected in 2015.

Councillor Lerry has lived in the constituency since 1976. He was a teacher for 22 years at the Blake School in Bridgwater and served on the national executive of the National Union of Teachers. He represents the Victoria ward on Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Council, and is leader of the Sedgemoor Labour group.

Speaking after his selection by local Labour members, Mick said:

“I look forward to the challenge of being Labour’s candidate in Bridgwater and West Somerset. I will be highlighting the need to grow the local and national economy, regarding Energy infrastructure . We must provide well paid jobs at the living wage or above, and abolish the mis-use of zero hours contracts.

“I am very concerned about youth unemployment, and the need to make sure that women are not at the front line of the cost of living crisis.

“I know many constituents – especially the elderly – will welcome Labour’s policy of a freeze on energy bills. And I strongly support Labour’s promise to remove the bedroom tax, which has increased the cost of living for vulnerable people.”

As a union representative, Mick was involved in negotiations and consultations with secretaries of state and other ministers, promoting education and the role of teachers in England and Wales. In his present role with Sedgemoor Council, he heads a group of 13 Labour councillors. He has held meetings with shadow cabinet members to ensure a community benefit from the construction of the Hinkley C power station. Mick is a director of Homes in Sedgemoor and is on the board of Victoria Park Community Centre.

The West Somerset Labour Party chair, John Bryant, welcomed Mick’s selection. He said:

“Mick is a very experienced candidate who has spent most of his adult life in Somerset. He has specialised in education, local government and housing and has always taken a keen interest in local issues and concerns. We are sure he will meet as many individuals and organisations in West Somerset as possible and will work hard in everyone’s best interests.”



Contact: Mick Lerry: 07775 905080



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Graham Forsyth
Graham Forsyth
10 years ago

Well done Mick. Bridgwater maybe the place to be at in spring 2015. A two horse race and with Ian Fiddle-Granger being the one to nobble!

murray shepstone
murray shepstone
10 years ago

Well done Mick, i wish you well get the tories on the run, looking forward Labour’s Bridgwater’s mp at the next election

Andy Merryfield
10 years ago

Congratulations to Mick on his selection as the candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset for the general election 2015. Labour Party members have very good judgement!

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