Rail Rip Off Protest at Bridgwater Railway station

Cllr Mick Lerry joins 'Action for Rail' protestors at Bridgwater Railway Station
Cllr Mick Lerry joins protestors at Bridgwater Railway Station

As millions of people return to work today, passengers are once again being forced to fork out more for the same journey. Bridgwater and West Somerset Labour Party candidate  Mick Lerry was there to back the ‘Action for Rail’ campaign along with Trades Unionists, Labour Councillors and members of the Somerset People’s Assembly.

Fares have risen, on average, by a further 2.5% this January taking the total rise since 2010 to 27%.
Every New Year, passengers are forced to pay the price for the failed privatisation of our railways.
The Tories, fresh from selling-off the successful publicly owned railway service East Coast, think the increases are simply the price we have to pay.
But research from the TUC has revealed that those travelling on the UK rail network pay higher fares and a higher proportion of their salary than those on publicly owned railways elsewhere in Europe.
Commuters in the UK can be expected to spend 17% of their salary on rail fares, while in Germany the figure is 9% and in Spain and Italy just 6%.
It is clear that our railways belong in public hands.
Take action now and sign the petition against the rail fares rip-off at

Mick Lerry said “Labour will stop passengers being fleeced at ticket machines by making sure that passengers are sold the cheapest ticket for their journey. Labour will make sure that passengers are given a voice as to how railways are run. David Cameron has presided over a rip-off railway service in Britain. He has failed to stand up for working people struggling with the cost of living crisis and has allowed train companies to increase fares above 20% since 2010 for constituents.Out of touch Ministers talk about ‘fair fares for comfortable commuting’, but this is a world away from the reality that rail passengers face”.

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