Vote Labour, vote Labour, vote Labour in Somerset today

Mick Lerry-Labour candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset
Mick Lerry-Labour candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset

Today is a day when we are called on to make a dramatic choice. We can choose fear and re-elect a government that governs for the rich and powerful. Or we can choose hope and elect Labour to secure a good future for the many, not the few.

Every vote for Labour today will count. We need to show that across the country there is support for Labour’s values of compassion, equality and solidarity.

And today is not just about the general election. In Somerset we will also be voting for district, town and parish councillors. We need Labour people at every level of government. So use all your votes for Labour.

Vote for a Labour MP. Vote for Labour district councillors. Vote for Labour town and parish councillors.

Five parliamentary constituencies make up Somerset. We asked our five candidates why it is important to vote Labour today:

Mick Lerry, Bridgwater and West Somerset
“Working people are facing increased living costs, declining incomes and insecure employment. Only Labour will address the real issues:
* Only Labour will reverse the Tory led government’s accelerating programme of privatization in the NHS
* Only Labour will remove the cruel bedroom tax on day one of a new government, by giving councils the necessary money.
* Only Labour will introduce a freeze on energy prices and rail fares.
* Only Labour will introduce a minimum wage of £8 by 2019.
* Only Labour will end exploitative zero hour contracts and internships.”

Sheena King, Yeovil:
“I believe in a society where we look after those who are the weakest and most vulnerable, and where we promote equality and opportunity for all, not just
the richest.
* I want to support a Labour government in reducing unemployment, making employers pay decent living wages, and making everyone contribute fairly into the tax system.
* I want to see Britain building again and more affordable homes being created for our growing population.
* I am a strong believer in our NHS, a system of healthcare that is the envy of the world.
* I believe in nationalisation, not privatisation.
* I want to see an end to badger culling and better enforcement of the fox hunting ban”

Neil Guild, Taunton Deane
“There is a real choice to be made in this coming general election. A Labour government will work for the whole UK by offering a broad based economic recovery that puts the living standards of working people at its heart. Not only is a fairer, more equal society a good thing on its own terms, but it offers the stability needed for long term sustained growth. Labour will:
* Protect the NHS
* Set a higher minimum wage
* Give more power to local people
* Invest in sustainable energy and transport,
* Build a fairer economy that works for the majority and not just for the few at the top.”“

David Oakensen, Somerton and Frome
“Labour is the only true alternative to the Conservatives. A Labour government will:
* Protect the NHS, with 3,000 more midwives, 5,000 more health workers, 8,000 more GPS and 20,000 more nurses.
* Use bricks and mortar to solve the housing crisis not silly Tory schemes that put the cost of houses up even further.
* Make sure of a minimum wage to be proud of.
* Give young people a hand up with more apprenticeships.
* Scrap the bedroom tax – a typically heartless Tory invention that belongs on the scrapheap of history”

Chris Inchley, Wells
“I believe employment does not pay for too many people. I will work to make housing more affordable, tackle the low-skill low-wage economy and attract investment
* I will work towards a higher minimum wage and more widely available free childcare provision.
* I will vote to end compulsory competition in the NHS.
* I believe every young person deserves a great education that is focused on teaching by fully qualified teachers.
* Government has to do more with infrastructure. The lethargic pace of the roll out of super-fast broadband needs to be speeded up.
* Young people need housing and Labour will increase the availability of decent homes and will also set new rules for those renting privately.”

And if after all that, you still can’t decide how to vote, here is a handy guide to tactical voting, taken from the Yeovil Labour Party website:

If you live in a Labour seat vote Labour
If you live in a Tory seat vote Labour
If you live in a Lib Dem seat vote Labour
Labour is the only party who can defeat the Tories,so in conclusion, vote Labour

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