Why Voting is not enough but you still should vote.

Recently, comedian Russel Brand gave a devastating and largely spot voteon public and passionate explanation of how capitalism dominates our lives. Sadly, he concluded that therefore people shouldn’t vote. This immediately inspired comedian Robert Webb, from Peep Show , to re-join the Labour Party and argue precisely the opposite- why it’s important to vote and why that vote should be Labour.

Bridgwater councillor Brian Smedley (Westover Labour) has publicly supported Robert Webb’s view. He said  “Brands analysis is right but his conclusions are wrong. It’s precisely because people are voting less and less that the ruling class and then politicians from all sides are able to ignore them. Because they don’t feel they have to cater for people who can’t be bothered to vote. The result is a middle of the road mish mash with parties competing for the votes of the people who actually will get out there and vote. However, voting is not enough. People shouldn’t just vote Labour and let us get on with it, people need to join the party and shape the party. Stand for election themselves, take part in policy making and making sure the party that was set up to represent the people actually does that.”

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