Candidate selections under way across the county

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

With the Conservatives on the defensive Nationally due to  their unpopular programme of cutbacks and the LibDems totally discredited by their decision to prop up a Tory minority Government, the Labour Party in Somerset is viewing next years County Council elections as a great opportunity to offer the people of Somerset a real alternative.

The County Council is currently Conservative controlled and has been pushing through a raft of unpopular major cutbacks, privatisations and outsourcing, reducing services everywhere. The Lib Dems popularity clearly peaked at the last election and disillusioned voters have been turning away from them in droves.

Poised to gain seats

County Labour group leader Cllr Andrew Govier (Wellington) said: “The Labour Party is currently in the process of selecting candidates for the County Council elections and is poised to gain seats.”

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