Bridgwater Town Council Election 2022 : Labour Selects

Brian Smedley (Leader ) and Kathy Pearce (Deputy Leader) of Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Council

Bridgwater Town Council was created in 2003 and has been in Labour hands ever since. The towns strong Labour history was challenged in 1974 when the Local Government reforms of the day ended the popular Labour controlled  Bridgwater Borough Council and created Tory Sedgemoor District Council- or as we called it ‘Direct Rule from Cheddar’. The Sedgemoor years were marked by a neglect of Bridgwater by out of town Tories which culminated in the 2009 decision to close the Sedgemoor Splash and try to build a Tescos on the site. A battle between Bridgwater and Sedgemoor ensued and Tesco eventually gave up. Now Sedgemoor is the one threatened with closure as this is the last year of the Tory district and as Unitary replaces it across the county the opportunity for Bridgwater Town Council to grab and restore old powers is a real possibility. On May 5th the Unitary elections will be fought alongside the Town Council elections. To make a real difference and to give Bridgwater a united voice people should vote all 8 Bridgwater Labour councillors for Unitary and all 16 Bridgwater Labour councillors for Town.

The Bridgwater Labour team consists of 8 experienced councillors and 8 first time candidates bringing new ideas to the table. 9 male 7 female candidates. All trades unionists. All local. All Labour.

Read Labours manifesto for Bridgwater here.

Find Labours’ 8 Unitary candidates for Bridgwater here.

Bridgwater Town Council Labour Candidates 2022L

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