Campaign to Reinstate County Transport Forum

Glen Burrows of UNITE COMMUNITY Union urging a County Wide Transport forum

Unite Community has organised an on-line petition, calling upon Somerset County Council to reinstate the County Transport Forum, which was suspended in 2013. This is supported by Bridgwater Town Council who are urging the public to please sign it if you have not already done so.

Why is this important?

UNITE COMMUNITY spokesperson Glen Burrows  says “No matter who we are we all need to get from A to B in our lives. Working transport means we can enjoy our lives and participate fully in society. It means we can reach employment opportunities and contribute to our country. It means healthy and supportive families, friendships and communities. It means access to the public services that we have already paid for.”

Town Council backing

Cllr Brian Smedley “Bridgwater Town Council is backing the creation of a countywide transport forum”

Town Council leader Brian Smedley says “On Bridgwater Town Council we have set up a Town Transport Forum which works very well and it was this body that urged us to support the creation of a Countywide forum which would provide the opportunity to listen to people, business and community needs and deliver a transport strategy that will work for everyone. The County Council has a strategic role in transport planning and a County Transport Forum facilitates exchange of ideas, better accountability and communication with interested organisations. Please sign, and forward to your friends and contacts.”

The next meeting of the Bridgwater Town Transport Forum which is chaired by Town Councillor Moira Brown (Eastover) , will be at the Town Hall Thursday 16th March at 4pm.

Labour County manifesto pledge

Labour candidates campaigning in the forthcoming Somerset County election have included the issue in their manifesto. Jane Grenfell the Labour candidate for North Petherton expressed her support for the petition “I am pleased to be able to add my signature to this petition. The refusal to reinstate the Community Transport Forum by the Tory County Council is another example of how disconnected these Councillors are from the needs of the people of Somerset. If elected I shall be insisting that the forum is reinstated without further delay.” 

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