Hearts Union week action outside ‘Sports Direct’

Trades Unionists out in Bridgwater during HEARTS UNIONS week
Trades Unionists out in Bridgwater during HEARTS UNIONS week

As part of LOVE UNIONS week , Unite Community Members have been campaigning against the Victorian employment practices used by Sports Direct , their use of Zero Hours Contracts and practices designed to instill fear into its workforce. Today they were out on the streets of Bridgwater.

It’s a ‘workhouse’ NOT a workplace!

Low pay, agency work contracts, named and shamed by your bosses for ‘not working hard enough’ and body searches after every shift! These are just some of the harsh working conditions thousands of workers at Sports Direct’s Shirebrook warehouse face every day.

Wes Hinckes discusses the 'Sports Direct' issues on the streets.
Wes Hinckes discusses the ‘Sports Direct’ issues on the streets.

Six strikes and you’re out!

And if you’re found not sticking to their ‘six strikes and you’re out’ policy then you will be sacked, for strike offences such as:
• Chatting too much
• Spending too much time in the toilet
• Being sick and unable to attend work
• Being sick and need to leave work early

Three quarters of Sports Direct staff are on zero hours contracts

It’s not just the factory staff that are treated so badly! Three quarters of the workforce at Sports Direct’s high street shops in the UK are employed on zero-hour contracts.
This means staff are stripped of rights like holiday and sick pay. And they have no guarantee of work or pay from one week to the next.

Before Xmas this was subject of an undercover investigation by The Guardian which has resulted in the Company being investigated by HMRC for underpayment of the National Minimum wage.

Cllr Wes Hinckes (Bridgwater Labour) and a member of UNITE Community
Cllr Wes Hinckes (Bridgwater Labour) and a member of UNITE Community

Unite Community

Joining the protest was Bridgwater Labour Councillor Wes Hinckes (Hamp) who said “I was happy to support today’s I Heart Unions event. Unions are there to help everyone and it has been a great week to tell their story. Our Unite Community group are planning to be in the town centre more often. We are a part of the local community and have something to offer people that gives support, confidence, friendship and an opportunity to make a difference to our town.Please stop by and say hello if you see us around!”
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