Labour Confident in Bridgwater following By-Election Victories

Labour gains overnight welcomed in Bridgwater

Jubilant Labour members and supporters in Bridgwater have greeted the overnight by-election victories in Tamworth & Mid Bedfordshire with increased confidence and determination for the forthcoming battle in the new Bridgwater Constituency which Polls show they can win. In both seats massive Tory majorities were overturned and the Lib Dem vote also failing to make an impact. Leader of Labour run Bridgwater Town Council, Brian Smedley (Westover) said “If Labour can win in these Tory seats we can win in the new Bridgwater Constituency. People need to keep their resolve and focus on how best to consign the Tories to the dustheap of history. Bridgwater is a Labour town, we lose the Tory lands of West Somerset. They keep Liddell-Grainger by the way…and here in Somerset they’ve lumbered us with some new-old Tory grandee who thinks he’s bagged a ‘safe seat’. Well, nowhere’s safe for the Tories now. Rishi Sunak says the country needs a change. It’s coming. bye bye Rishi.”

Councillors Tim Mander and Mick Lerry

Labour Property spokesman Cllr Tim Mander (Westover) added “The overnight results in Mid Beds and Tamworth once more prove that Labour is in pole position to take the new Bridgwater constituency seat from the Tories. In all projections the Lib Dem’s are in a distant third and if people want change then Labour is the only choice. I know that Bridgwater Labour members and supporters are committed for fighting for every vote out there and I for one cannot wait for a general election to be called “


Alex Martin “General election now!”

His calls were echoed by Labour Policy Officer Alex Martin said “Say no to dodgy PPE contracts, crumbling schools and dog whistle politics. Say yes to a functioning economy, housing and fair deal for workers. The people of Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire know Labour makes sense. Citizens of Bridgwater know it too. It’s time for Sunak to put his government out of its misery and give Britain the freedom to elect a government it actually wants and thoroughly deserves. General election now!”


Womens officer MEG BOUCHER

Labour Women’s officer Meg Boucher said “I am delighted to hear the news that Labour has gained two seats in by election in Mid Beds and Tamworth. In Tamworth the 23.9% swing towards Labour shows that reclaiming our country from the grip of a tory government is completely possible when people step out to vote. By elections are an incredibly important chance to step in, mid term and ensure that your voice is heard. It provides a time for those who truly care about people and communities to answer the call. Labour is redrawing the political map and I am excited to see what the future brings. “


Bridgwater Council leaders Kathy Pearce & Brian Smedley looking forward to brighter days for the town.

Polls are showing that Labour can win the new Bridgwater Constituency and this month the party is selecting it’s candidate. The Tories in the meantime are desperately trying to persuade people to vote for them and failing badly. This week they’re in the paper claiming the economy is growing and  inflation is under control ..but the by-elections don’t seem to be showing that the public believe them. Bridgwater Labour economy spokesman Cllr Mick Lerry (Victoria) commented “They are saying that the Conservative Government is taking the “long view of economic decisions”, so what has the Government being doing since 2010?! Well, there is no mention of how the Government crashed the economy with the Liz Truss budget, there is no mention of how people are unable to secure mortgages to buy homes. There is no mention of how manufacturing has declined and the shortage of skilled labour. The public will not be convinced by the Tory propaganda that everything is going well for the UK economy. Recent byelections have shown that when it comes to making sure that the economy is growing, people believe that Labour’s plan is what is needed. Especially when it comes to building homes, green growth, the NHS and breaking down the barriers to opportunity. The Tories are a spent force only concerned about squabbling over their direction of travel. If you do not know where you are going with the economy, you will end up in the wrong place and working people will suffer”

The NEW Bridgwater Constituency-looking good for Labour


Cllr Smedley added “This is an exciting time for Bridgwater. With the abolition of Sedgemoor and the return of powers to Bridgwater Town Council we really are taking back control. We are now really well placed to take the Constituency as well. The Tories are dropping like flies and anyone still trying to fly the flag for the Cons locally must surely be having some serious moments of reflection. What is also important to note is that the By-Election seats were Brexit inclined, as was Bridgwater, and now they’ve the confidence to vote Labour again. Things are indeed looking rosy….”




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