Labour MPs head to Somerset to speak to resurgent youth Movement

Kerry McCarthy MP speaking at Unity House

Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East, turned up at the newly redecorated Unity House in Bridgwater’s Dampiet street this week to address the new growing young Labour movement in Somerset at the historic home of the Labour and Trade Union movement in this labour stronghold.

Kerry spoke of how Labour was a rapidly growing party and was appealing to people through its grassroots approach. She also engaged with the group at length on the subject of Brexit and a comradely discussion ensued on the best way to deal with the subject post referendum in areas like Somerset, which mainly voted ‘Leave’ and areas like Bristol which mainly voted ‘Remain’.

Standing up against Tory cuts

Kerry and Diogo discuss the thorny issue of Brexit

Bridgwater young labour member Jonny Chadwick said afterwards “Kerry was really interesting to hear on the issue of Brexit. I thought it was particularly helpful to hear her thoughts on how Labour can go about regaining power – by working at a local level to convince people that Labour is the party that will stand up for each region against Tory cuts.”

At the County Council elections in May, 2 of the 7 local Labour candidates are young labour members , demonstrating the faith young people have in the party and the confidence in their own future. Diogo Rodrigues is the Town Councillor for Bridgwater North Dunwear and the youth organiser. He said “It was great to have Kerry down for the launch of this young labour group. She spoke interestingly about the current Brexit process and gave a real insight into what was going on behind the scenes in parliament. Young Labour members are encouraged to really take part and get involved as much as they possibly can – on Thursday 9th at 4pm Ben Bradshaw will be coming to Bridgwater to do some campaigning and speak to young members – all are invited to attend.”

Strong Labour position in Bridgwater

Labour youth engaging with MP

Young Labour Women’s Officer,Chelsea Chadwick , will be standing for Labour in the Huntspill ward. Chelsea said “Kerry’s visit was really insightful and highlighted the importance of grassroots campaigning to ensure politics works on a local level.’”

More Labour MPs are recognising the strong Labour position in Bridgwater and no less than 4 will be visiting during the next month including Ben Bradshaw (Exeter) on Thursday 9th Feb.

Labour County Leader Cllr Leigh Redman

County Labour Group Leader Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South) warned the meeting of the danger of people being tricked by ‘the yellow team’ who “…were trying to portray themselves as the opposition to the Tories but in fact have no county councillors at all in the Sedgemoor area” and “we have to remember that the last time they were trusted they simply put the Tories back into power. The vote for change at county in this town is Labour.”

The County Council election is on May 4th 2017.

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