Latest Poll continues to show new Bridgwater Constituency as ‘Labour Gain’

Labour on target to grab Bridgwater

In October 2023 new Parliamentary Constituencies will replace the existing ones. For the Labour town of Bridgwater it’s looking good as yet another Poll Survey shows the new, smaller constituency as a Labour win. The area will include the Burnham and Highbridge area but will lose the vast expanses of West Somerset. Bridgwater’s current Tory incumbent Ian Lidell-Grainger, has already announced he will be standing in the Tiverton-Minehead constituency and no one has yet been selected to replace him. Bridgwater Town Council Leader, Cllr Brian Smedley (Labour) says “It will be a tight battle for the new Bridgwater seat as Bridgwater is Labour, the rural wards are Tory and Burnham is a bit LibDem. Labour has the edge in the poll and was the natural second place party in the former constituency but now that the boundaries have been redrawn we are neck and neck with the Tories. The biggest danger could be LibDem dirty tricks, you know the  ‘winning here’ stuff they do (when they’re not) or the ‘it’s a two horse race’ when it isn’t. Here it’s genuinely a 3 horse race and the Tories can only win the seat if enough people misguidedly vote Lib Dem and help them. Apart from doing the maths and looking at the best tactical vote to get rid of the Tories -which is clearly Labour – people I’m hoping will also remember that it was the Lib Dems that allowed the Tories back into Government in the first place with their coalition. It’s not even funny listening to their former education ‘minister’ David Laws trying to justify why the Coalition stopped Labour’s school spending and brought in a decade of austerity while schools are falling down around their ears. Don’t get fooled again! Clearly Labour can win Bridgwater finally and we need a strong loyal and tactical vote to do that next year at the general election.”

Cllr Brian Smedley “Looking forward to a Labour gain in Bridgwater”

The Labour Party is about to select their candidate for the Bridgwater seat. Names are in  the hat but the selection has yet to happen. Friday 8th September is the deadline for party members to express an interest and then members of the new CLP will decide.

The deadline expires at midday on the 8th so there’s still time for members to throw their hats into the ring. Click here for information.

Cllr Smedley added “We have a Labour town council, a strong local labour party and the polls are going our way. Things are looking good for us if we stick to our guns and pull together”

The new Bridgwater constituency..a potential Labour gain!

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Les Mattey
Les Mattey
5 months ago

I find it hard to believe so many are still unable to apply reason and vote Tory.

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